Sony PlayStation Users Can Now Link Their Accounts to Discord and Share What They are Playing

Users' PlayStation Activity can now be displayed on their Discord profile.


Earlier last year PlayStation announced a partnership with Discord to integrate the PlayStation experience with Discord. It was just announced that Discord will now be gradually rolling out the ability to link one’s PSN Account from Discord and display one’s PS4/PS5 game activity in their user profile.

Discord allows users to connect various other services to display their activity on their profiles. Once users have linked their PSN account with Discord, the game they’re playing on a PS4/PS5 will be displayed as their activity.

Additionally, users can also opt to display their PSN Online ID on their profile so their Discord friends can add them and tag along. There had been rumblings of some sort of PlayStation x Discord integration for a while and it looks like this is it.

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How to Connect Your PlayStation Network Account to Discord

PlayStation x Discord

To connect your PlayStation Network Account to Discord, simply follow these steps:

  1. In Discord, head to User Settings
  2. Select Connections
  3. Select the newly-added PS icon
  4. Log in to your PSN account.

This will allow users to connect their PSN accounts to Discord. Players will then have a couple of new options available to them on their Discord, “Display on Profile” and “Display PlayStation Network as your status.”

Once those options are toggled on, the game you’re playing on either the PS4/PS5 will appear in your user profile. However, in order for the game to displayed on Discord, your “PSN Online Status” and “Now Playing” must be set to “Anyone”.

PlayStation x Discord

This can be changed from the privacy settings on the PlayStation Network. These settings can be accessed from a PS4/PS5 in the Settings menu, under Privacy.

This is likely the first of many such PlayStation Network services and features headed to Discord. It will be interesting to see what more is in store for PSN users in the future.