Possible Samsung Galaxy Buds Beyond (SM-R190) with 472mAh Battery gets 3C Certification

We have now spotted SM-R190 with 472mAh battery capacity on 3C certification, which we believe are upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds Beyond.


Samsung Galaxy Buds lineup is Samsung’s response to the Apple AirPods lineup. The Korean tech giant already released a couple of new TWS products this year, Galaxy Buds+ and Galaxy Buds Live. The Buds Live looks like beans and brought a breath of fresh air to the segment that’s filled with AirPod lookalikes. Owing to the design, the Buds Live turned a lot of eyeballs due to the distinct unconventional design which we had never seen before on an audio product. Last week, a new trademark filing was spotted on the web revealing that Samsung has started working on a new TWS product, called Samsung Galaxy Buds Beyond. Now, we have spotted a new Samsung product with model number EB-BR190AY on 3C certification, which might be the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Buds Beyond. Let us have a look at the information revealed via 3C, and why we believe these are the Buds Beyond.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Beyond will pack a 472mAh Battery Unit!

3C certification database information has revealed a product with model number SM-R190, which hints that we are looking at upcoming TWS from Samsung. To those unaware, Samsung Galaxy Buds Live carry model number SM-R180, while the Galaxy Buds have model number SM-R170. As revealed in the certification, the upcoming TWS will pack a 472mAh battery unit. We suspect that this might be the battery capacity of the capsule (case). To recall, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live case has exactly the same capacity battery, while each earbud on the Buds Live has a 60mAh battery unit.

The successor to the Galaxy Buds+ is expected to launch alongside the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S21. To those unaware, the Samsung Galaxy S21 is rumored to launch in January 2020. The Samsung Galaxy Buds Beyond might be released alongside Galaxy S21 in case these are Galaxy Buds+ successor. What’s your guess about the Samsung Galaxy Buds Beyond design? Will Samsung reinvent the TWS design as they did with the Galaxy Buds Live? Or, will it have a conventional design like the Galaxy Buds? Do let us know in the comments below.