PS5 and Xbox Series X May Not Get Successors Say Analysts, But We Beg to Differ

Analysts think cloud gaming will take the edge over dedicated personal hardware

PlayStation 5 Xbox Series X

Console generations are a sort of an event at this point. Every few years, we find ourselves waiting for the new generation of gaming on consoles. This time around, it’s the resolution jump to 4K (kinda), and ray tracing. There is a considerable demand for gaming consoles as well, as both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X seem to be running out of stock everywhere right now.

However, what if someone told you this might be the last generational console launch we get? Well, analysts from Citi Securities Japan seem to think we may not get to see sequels to the PS5 and Xbox Series X after all. We don’t quite agree, though!

PS5, Xbox Series X Successors may Never Arrive as Cloud Gaming Goes Mainstream?

Sony PS5 with DualSense controller

The analysts make the argument that console release cycles are getting longer and longer. Factoring in the cloud gaming advancements we have seen recently, apparently, the console lifecycle could break as a result.

While this argument makes sense on paper, there’s a lot more that goes into making cloud gaming a success. First of all, cloud gaming is strictly for places with impeccably good internet. It’s not just about the speeds, either. For example, India gets good internet speeds in many places, but the connection quality fluctuates. That means inconsistent pings that are at least in the double digits by default, packet losses, and lack of server infrastructure to combat those issues.

For the internet quality that the US has right now to arrive in other regions, like say India, would take a while. That adaption time is bound to push gaming hardware to newer heights. To put that into perspective, speculatively speaking, by the time India is ready for 1080p cloud gaming, hardware will be able to do 8K gaming natively.

Internet speeds and quality will have to advance faster, worldwide, than hardware capabilities. That is an unlikely phenomenon, especially in time for the immediate next generation, which means that many markets will still want gaming hardware. As long there is demand, we expect there will be supply.

So are we not getting the PS6 and (insert next-gen Xbox name here)? I think we will. What do you think? Talk to us in the comments, down below!

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