Sony Apparently Working on New PS5 Model with Detachable Disc Drive

This new console could be a game-changer.


The PS5 has been enormously successful for Sony, despite several major supply chain issues during launch and the proceeding months since. Over time, Sony has been making incremental changes to the console in the form of newer models that weigh considerably less than the models on launch but it looks like there could be a massive change to the console design.

According to a new report by Insider Gaming‘s Tom Henderson, Sony might be looking to iterate on the console design of the PS5 and release a model with a detachable disc drive. The report suggests that design plans include a detachable disc drive, which can be connected to the console through the USB-C port in the back.

This is quite interesting as it could mean that Sony could bundle the external optical drive with the console and have just one console for players to buy.

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Sony’s Console Refresh Plans for the PS5 Could Look Dramatically Different than Before

PlayStation 5

Typically, Sony has released new variants of their new console hardware 3-4 years after launch. This would mean that perhaps we could see new variants of the PS5 console in the next couple of years.

However, rather than the standard “Pro” or “Slim” variants, Sony’s idea of a refresh might include a console with a detachable optical drive. This could solve a lot of issues for both Sony and the players as this has the potential of bringing down manufacturing costs and players sceptical about digital games could effectively buy a cheaper console and purchase an optical drive separately.

It will be interesting to see if third-party external optical drives could work with the console or if Sony will be selling these separately. If this is indeed accurate, this is a massively bold idea from Sony and it could shake things up dramatically.