PS5 New Games: Sony Making Over 25 New Games for PlayStation 5, Over Half Will be Original

The list of PS5 new games will apparently include a number of new titles, many of which will apparently be ones not seen before.

PS5 new games

The PS5 new games list is set to get a booster shot, with PlayStation Studios chief Hermen Hulst telling Wired in an interview that the PS5 platform will get over 25 new games that are in development, and many of which will apparently be all-new ones. The charter of PS5 new games hasn’t been revealed yet, but according to Hulst, more than half of the new titles being developed in Sony’s internal or partner studios will apparently be entirely new games, instead of being sequels, prequels or spin-offs from existing PlayStation games.

The move to push for new generation games exclusive to the PS5 will be a shot in the arm for the new generation console in terms of how it can differentiate itself from its prime rival, the Microsoft Xbox Series X. The two consoles are right now very close to each other in terms of overall performance, both offering consistent 4K gaming at up to 120fps frame rates. With such similarity in performance, the key difference will lie in exclusive game titles, and both Sony and Microsoft are hard at work to lure more gamers into their ecosystem.

For Sony, this move will seemingly start with the PS5 new games list that Hulst revealed to Wired. The PS5 already debuted with more interesting new games that gave a clearer example of what to expect from it, including titles such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon Souls. The interview also revealed that one of the new games expected on the PS5 will come from Haven Studios, which was founded by the previous head of Google Stadia game studio, Jade Raymond. So far, no specific game IPs have been announced.

The Sony PS5 has gotten off to a mixed start of sorts. While it has received critical acclaim in general, a clear lack of market stocks have led to supply crunches all over the world. As a result, interested buyers haven’t been able to get their hands on the console, which is now reporting long wait times. In its latest earnings call, Sony Corp CFO Hiroki Totoki further stated that the supply crisis may persist well into 2022, signalling what is not a great news for gamers. The new titles, however, may augment this news to an extent.

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