PS5 Outperforms Xbox Series X, Microsoft Looking for Fixes for Performance Issues

It seems like the Series X is lagging behind despite the extra TFLOPs


The new generation of gaming consoles is here, and with a new generation, comes more comparison. The PS5 and the Xbox Series X both have pretty similar hardware inside. While the specifications are very close, Xbox Series X has been marketed as the most powerful next-gen console. This is due to the fact that it edges out a bit ahead of the PS5 in terms of raw power.

However, now that it has been a few days since the release of the two consoles, it seems that the PS5 has been outperforming the Xbox Series X in quite a few games. A confusing scenario is this, and Microsoft is apparently looking into the issue.

PS5 Outperforms the On-Paper Mightier Xbox Series X Despite Having Lower TFLOPs

Xbox Series X

The results come from tests run by Digital Foundry, known for its deep dive into hardware. The Xbox Series X and the PS5 share an 8-core Zen 2-based AMD CPU. The Xbox Series X has it clocked at 3.8 GHz compared to the PS5’s 3.6 GHz. In terms of TFLOPS, the Xbox Series X churns out 12 TFLOPs of power, while the PS5 hits 10.28. This difference had Microsoft push the Xbox Series X as the most powerful of the next-gen consoles.

In Devil May Cry 5, Xbox Series X performs better in 4K and ray tracing, but when it comes to the higher framerate mode, the PS5 takes the edge with a lead of over 40 FPS at times. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla also runs smoother on the PS5, with screen tearing and frame rates going below 60 FPS on the Xbox Series X.

Dirt 5 takes the edge in resolution and image quality on the PS5, and Codemasters have a fix on the way. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War also runs better in 120 FPS mode on the Xbox Series X, even though the ray tracing does better on Xbox Series X.

“I don’t really have any technical explanation for it, except the sense you’re getting here is that PlayStation 5 spec-wise is punching above its weight, and something is up with Xbox — which on paper at least should be significantly ahead,” said Digital Foundry’s Richard Leadbetter.

Additionally, it could be due to Microsoft being late on sending development kits to game devs. PS5 kits were available to devs way in advance, while Microsoft sent theirs out in June, notes The Verge. Microsoft also told The Verge that it is aware of the issues, and is working with the developers to resolve them.

We’ll have to wait and watch how that goes. Stay tuned for more on the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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