PUBG Creator PlayerUnknown has Shared a Demo of ‘Planet-Sized Worlds’ for His Next Game

This new tech demo uses procedural generation to create 'planet-sized' open-worlds.


Brendan Greene, better known as his alias, PlayerUnknown announced last year, that he and his studio are working on an exciting new open-world title, and now, we have a tech demo for the same. Greene teased part of his vision with the next game as he shared that he hoped to create massive open-world games through procedural generation.

The newest tech demo shared by Greene is a proof-of-concept from early last year. The demo showcases a seemingly massive ‘planet-sized world’ achieved through procedural generation. While making independent worlds through procedural generation isn’t exactly a new concept (see No Man’s Sky), this certainly looks pretty exciting.

Brendan Greene, AKA, PlayerUnknown left his post at Krafton and went independent with a brand-new studio in Amsterdam called PlayerUnknown Studio. The studio has teased the upcoming project ‘prologue‘ as an exploration of new technologies and gameplay. This tech demo certainly is proof of that.

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PlayerUnknown Studio Shares New Teaser of Massive ‘Planet-Sized’ World

PlayerUnknown Studio is based out of Amsterdam, however, it still has ties to Krafton. The South Korean publisher will have a minority stake in the studio. The studio is also currently hiring.

‘Prologue’ is an upcoming open-world survivor game by the studio that was confirmed as the next big project from PlayerUnknown and this open-world title certainly looks like it lives up to its billing of containing ‘planet-sized’ worlds. The tech demo reflects just how incredibly dense and massive procedurally generated worlds could feel.

Greene and his team will likely reveal more of the game later during the year as we still do not have a gameplay trailer yet. As of now, this tech demo and a brief teaser are about the most that we’ve seen from PlayerUnkown’s next major project.