PUBG hack: Here’s how PUBG Mobile hackers are using DDos tool to kill all 99 enemies

PUBG Corps are working on DDoS attack vulnerability.

PUBG Mobile Cheat and get beat

PUBG Mobile is known for its popularity across the world it was one of the most played smartphone games in 2018. However, the game developers always face difficulty with cheaters and hackers who manages to find a breakthrough to hack the game. Hacker and cheaters can win a match over other players but it will not be counted as a fair play. PUBG Corps has made a lot of changes with the security system. However, hackers are always one step ahead of the developers.

There are different ticks which hackers prefer while cheating, these tricks includes Auto Aim and X-ray Vision (wallhack trick). There is one more hack which is one of the worst hacks in the PUBG Mobile, which allow hackers to freeze all the 99 players in the battleground and kill all the players in one go.

PUBG Mobile Cheat and get beat

As per the Insidersport report, cheaters found a new way which allows them to DDoS (distributed denial-of-service attacks) the server, which will ultimately freeze all the player in the plane, this will include his teammates also. Once everyone is freeze they will think that the app is lagging and try to restart the game and re-enter the match, but due to the hack, they won’t be able to do so.

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The report also suggests that cheaters have developer tools and scripts which they are selling hundreds of dollars to other hackers on the Internet. This tool is specifically made for PCs running on Windows 10 operating system. Hackers use Game loop Emulator or other Emulator to run the DDoS tool to attack the PUBG Mobile server which increases the up to 900 pings causing server timeout.

In this scenario you don’t have any option, you have to restart the game and in the meantime, these hackers will kill all the disconnected players. Attackers can control the server freeze and unfreeze other players can’t do anything about it.

“DDoS attack is a crime according to the law which could lead to you a 10 years imprisonment & $150,000 fine or both” PUBG Corps shared a legal warning to the hackers. Meanwhile, the developers are working and soon they will fix the bug.

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