PUBG Mobile Contributed 82% To Krafton’s $1.5Bn in 2020, That’s How Much Krafton Made in Whole of 2019

PUBG Mobile is a massively popular game, and its clear popularity has resulted in commercial games for its backing entity today, Krafton.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile has reportedly accounted for a whopping 82 percent of total revenues generated by the game’s parent company, Krafton. According to a post by PlayerIGN on Twitter, the Korean company Krafton generated total operating revenues of $1.5 billion in 2020, or over Rs 11,000 crore. Out of this net turnover, PUBG Mobile alone accounted for 82 percent of the revenues earned by the company, while 16 percent of Krafton revenues came from the PUBG PC game. Additionally, data shared by PlayerIGN also claimed that 86 percent of all PUBG revenues generated by the company originate in Asia.

While the source of this information is immediately unclear, PlayerIGN has been a typically prominent and reliable source of information in the gaming space. As such, the Krafton revenue figures appear to be scraped from a recent earnings call made by the company, revealing key revenue and usage statistics linked to the game. PUBG Mobile has an unsurprisingly massive market in Asia, and up until its ban in September 2020 in India, saw nascent markets such as the latter as one of its key, growing revenue sources.

However, PUBG Mobile faced an unprecedented setback when the game was banned by the Indian government, citing issues related to its ties with Tencent Gaming of China. Since then, PUBG and Krafton have both been active in the Indian context, despite the game remaining banned. The erstwhile PUBG Corp had set up PUBG India as a separate entity, and subsequently, Krafton even proceeded to make a major investment in Nazara Technologies, the holding company of Nodwin Gaming, during its IPO and stock market listing.

Despite all of this, PUBG Mobile still remains banned in India. Even though the game had released teasers for an upcoming launch, the latter never materialised. Given that the mobile version of the game has already accounted for an overwhelming majority of Krafton’s revenues, and Asia representing an equal majority in it, it will be interesting to see the impact that Krafton may see, if and when PUBG Mobile is allowed to operate in India once again.

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