PUBG Mobile Ban: You Can Still Play the Game Despite Ban in India but Don’t Get Too Excited

PUBG Mobile could stop working in India any second, but for now, the game is as playable as ever


The status of PUBG Mobile in India has been a rollercoaster ride. The game became one of the most popular titles in India, but then came the India and China clash. The game was among the 118 apps and games banned by the Indian government in September, for having ties to China. PUBG Mobile recently announced that the game would stop working in India. We expected PUBG Mobile India servers to be shut down accordingly. However, it seems like the game is still playable in India, but don’t get too excited.

PUBG made the announcement on its official Facebook page, saying PUBG Mobile will cease to work in India from October 30. Three days later, however, the game is still playable in India.

PUBG Mobile Works in India Despite the Ban, but It Could Stop Any Second

PUBG Mobile Halloweeks poster

At the time of writing this article, PUBG Mobile is completely playable in India. I downloaded a PUBG Mobile 1.0.1 APK with a quick Google search since the game is not available on Google Play Store in India anymore. A quick install and some additional resource downloads later, I was able to jump into a match of PUBG Mobile. The game worked as well as usual, and I even had other Indian players on my team.

I tested it with an existing account, as well as a new account, and PUBG Mobile worked with both. The game did show a pop-up saying PUBG Mobile India privacy policy has been updated. However, this has been showing up for a while now and can be dismissed without any effect.

So, what does this mean? Well, for starters, as we have noted: don’t get too excited. It could be that the game’s India exit is underway, and servers are being prepared for a shutdown right now. So it can take a few days for this change to come into effect.

The chances of PUBG Mobile continuing to work in India are slim. Of course, there will be workarounds when it does stop working in India, but for now, enjoy it while it lasts.

Stay tuned to us for more on the PUBG Mobile India ban as it develops.