PUBG Mobile India Trailer to Feature Arshad Warsi Announcing the Game’s Return to Indian App Stores, Says Rumor

Apparently, the Bollywood star could be the one breaking the good news to Indian streamers, in the rumoured ad


PUBG Mobile has been at the centre of the video game discourse in India for weeks now. After the PUBG Mobile India ban that came in a wave that included 118 Chinese apps, we have seen a ton of development about the game returning to India.

Very recently, KRAFTON, the parent corporation of PUBG signed a deal with Microsoft Azure to have the latter host their games. Following this, we have seen PUBG Mobile announce its return to India. We’re getting our own version of PUBG Mobile, called PUBG Mobile India. After the initial teaser video, it looks like we’ll be getting a full trailer announcing the game’s release, and it could star Arshad Warsi, according to a new rumour.

PUBG Mobile India Ad Starring Indian Streamers and Arshad Warsi to Announce the Game’s Comeback

PUBG Mobile

We had talked about an Indian PUBG Mobile ad being in the works, potentially to tease the Indian re-release of the game. The initial rumours had said that the ad will star Indian streamers, and maybe even a Bollywood actor.

We got to see short teasers featuring Indian streamers Jonathan, Kronten and Dynamo a few days ago. The teasers said that the game is coming soon. While some would have assumed that the short teasers were all we were going to get, it looks like there is a bigger ad coming. The leak comes from a message from MantrijiGaming on the official PUBG Mobile India Discord server.

PUBG Mobile India Discord message

Now, this is still a rumour, so take it with a gigantic grain of rock salt. However, if it’s true, we could see a PUBG Mobile India release trailer/ad starring Arshad Warsi.

As far as the game retuning to India goes, we’ll have to see. There is no indication that PUBG has received the necessary approvals to return to India yet. The Indian authorities are unlikely to be pleased with the changes PUBG has made too, unless, of course, they have been convinced otherwise.

On the other hand, they could just launch PUBG Mobile India here, given that the game is an entirely new game rather than being a newer version of the PUBG Mobile that was banned here.

In that case, we could either see the launch being a non-issue or a second ban. We’re constantly gathering information on the PUBG Mobile India release, so stay tuned to us for more.