PUBG Mobile x League of Legends Crossover Teased: Themed Event Connected to New Netflix Show – Arcane

League of Legends characters invading PUBG Mobile soon.

League of Legends

PUBG Mobile recently, on their social media, teased a crossover event which seems to be hinting at a League of Legends-themed event, more specifically to do with the upcoming League of Legends Netflix show – Arcane. The promotional image doesn’t exactly reveal a lot of information, but the silhouettes in the photo seem to line up perfectly with the 4 League of Legends character present in Arcane.

While still not confirmed, fans have been able to quickly put one and two together and surmise this as a new PUBG Mobile event that brings a little League of Legends flavour to the game. As to what exactly this event is, is still to be discovered – an invasion angle seems fitting, since that is how the post is building it up to be.

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PUBG Mobile x League of Legends crossover imminent

The League of Legends show – Arcane, which chronicles the origins of iconic legends, is set for release on November 6, 2021 on Netflix – so it only makes sense for things to ramp up in terms of marketing. PUBG Mobile is no stranger to big crossovers, but a League of Legends collaboration feels quite a lot like the gaming equivalent close Hulk Hogan and Macho Man Randy Savage forming The Mega Powers.

PUBG Mobile

League of Legends continues to grow in popularity despite stiff competition from other competitive MOBA titles and the rise of the battle royale genre – and PUBG Mobile’s future looks as bright as ever. PUBG Mobile fans will soon be able to experience the next step in the game’s evolution – New State, a brand-new offering from Krafton that makes improvements across the board in terms of visuals as well as gameplay.

League of Legends has also recently warmed up to the mobile platform with the release of Wild Rift last year, which has been quite the success for Riot Games.

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