PUBG Mobile Update Brings McLaren 570s SuperCars Into Battle Royale

PUBG Mobile Patch 1.4 is expected to add the McLaren 570s sports card to the gameplay.

PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile is popular across the world for its timely updates which keep the gameplay more impressive for the players. The game title is also known for making collaborations with popular celebrities and companies. In the latest development, it has been reported that the company has possibly joined hands with the popular automotive company McLaren. According to the latest report, the early access footage of the upcoming PUBG Mobile Patch 1.4 suggests that the game will add the McLaren 570s to the gameplay. Let’s have a detailed look at the upcoming update.

A report from Dot Esports, suggests that the early access footage from patch 1.4 claims that PUBG is going to get a new McLaren 570s and the player can take it for a run during the gameplay. Further, the report claimed that the game will add the car with six new skins including Raspberry, Glory White, Royal Black, Pearlescent, Zenith Black, and Lunar White.

However, there is still no clarity on how the players will unlock these skins. We can safely expect that the players might have to complete some challenges to unlock the skins or maybe they can purchase the skins with UC. McLaren 570s is a two-seater sports car and the new skins will not be applicable for normal cars.

Just to let you know this is not the first time the game developers have collaborated with an automotive company. Back in July 2020, the company joined hands with Yamaha and added MWT-9 and T7 as vehicle skins. According to the report, PUBG Mobile is also planning to add more in-game events with the arrival of patch 1.4. Tencent has recently confirmed its partnership with the sci-fi film Godzilla vs. Kong.

Characters from the movie including Godzilla, Kong, and Mechagodzilla are said to add to PUBG Mobile’s Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik maps. It would be interesting to see what else the company is planning to bring with the new update.

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