PUBG New State Anti-Cheat Update Brings New Measures from the Developers

Krafton has updated their anti-cheat system for PUBG New State.


PUBG New State, in an attempt to maintain a level playing field and a fair environment, has updated its anti-cheat system. The devs have now strengthened the penalty criteria for the usage of unauthorized programs. Along with this, PUBG New State will have stricter measures against users who intentionally play in parties with other players who use unauthorized programs.

The devs have also added that reporting suspicious players in-game will help the team maintain a fair playing environment in the game. Cheating has, of late, become a major problem for mobile games, as games like BGMI have also fallen prey to the cheater problem. While Krafton has been working on improving its games’ anti-cheat measures, the problem continues to persist.

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PUBG New State new anti-cheat measures

PUBG New State

While the anti-cheat system seems to have held up better than Krafton’s other big game, BGMI, the game still has a pretty major cheater problem and one that might require a much more permanent fix than just sanctions and bans. BGMI seems to be making progress on that front by introducing hardware bans. The threat of not being able to play the game on a particular device might just help curb cheating in the game in a big way.

PUBG New State didn’t exactly have the smoothest of launches, but over time, Krafton has been able to release a number of updates and patches to fix many of the issues the game had on launch.

Over the past few weeks, PUBG New State has gotten considerably better since its launch and has even incorporated new features, vehicles, weapons, and more. The last update for the game added a couple of new vehicles, a brand-new weapon as well attachments for other weapons as well.