PUBG New State Bugs and Glitches: How to Fix the Known Issues Krafton Has Acknowledged

Let’s take a look at the known issues acknowledged by Krafton in PUBG New State.


Krafton has released PUBG New State for players in India and many other international countries. The PUBG Mobile sequel is set in 2051 and comes with improved graphics and gameplay. The New State version is currently available for download only on Android devices running Android 6.0 or later at the moment. iOS devices will have to wait for a day at least as the listing on the Apple App Store shows an expected availability date of November 12. Meanwhile, Android smartphone users who have managed to download PUBG New State have reported multiple issues in the game. Krafton too has acknowledged many issues and listed a way around for a few of them. 

“We are aware of the issues some Survivors are currently experiencing in PUBG New State. We are working to resolve the issues and apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced,” Krafton said. The most prominent issues are during gameplay. Let’s take a look at the known issues acknowledged by Krafton in PUBG New State.

PUBG New State issues

  • Krafton has acknowledged an issue wherein incorrect ping information is displayed after creating an account. 
  • Players may also experience occasional flickering or abnormal colours in-game. 
  • Players might not hear any reload sound and motion when reloading. This issue is triggered when the reload button is tapped continuously.
  • Another issue spotted is the quantity amount for items shown as zero (0) when obtaining a stack of items.
  • PUBG New State players might also see an issue wherein the Follow feature will not function although it appears to be applied upon re-entering a match.
  • There’s also a bug that will not set the insides of a tram on fire when a Molotov is thrown inside.
  • Krafton has also highlighted the issue wherein players might obtain a dropped weapon instead of a preset weapon if it is dropped at the respawn point on the Station map. Certain objects might appear abnormally in the Station map.

There are some issues with the game settings as well. For instance:

  • An issue where the sensitivity works differently from the set value.
  • Another issue is where a few buttons in the control settings cannot be selected after using the trunk button. 
  • Players might also be unable to use the chat system if they re-enter the game after it was running in the background for more than a minute.
  • There is also an issue where map selection settings are reset if there is a new party leader.
  • While spectating, the scope might be shown abnormally when spectating a squad member. Players might also notice that the ID is not changing even when they are spectating another player.
  • Although the game is not available for download on iOS devices at the moment, Krafton has highlighted a couple of issues. For example, players might experience occasional flickering of location names on the world map. Another issue highlighted on iOS devices where the Pick up/ trunk buttons/ loot box may be forcefully moved along the x-axis when opening a bag.

How to fix these issues?

Krafton has listed fixes for a few issues that have been found so far. Most of these issues can be resolved by restarting the game. 

For the bug where players see incorrect ping information, one can relaunch the app and re-select the server by going to Settings > Basic > Connection > Select Server.

Those seeing occasional flickering or abnormal colours in the game might be experiencing so due to the older Android OS version on their device. Krafton suggests restarting the game after installing the latest Android update on your smartphone. If the issue still persists, change the settings to Open GL by going to Settings > Graphics > Graphics API > Open GL.

To fix the sensitivity issue, go to the Sensitivity Settings tab and reset the setting to either Low, Medium or High. 

Have you noticed an issue that is not listed above? Or found a solution to any of the listed issues? Drop a comment below to help fellow PUBG players.