PUBG New State Dev Team Focusing on ‘Game Control’, ‘Lag’, and ‘Optimization’, in Future Update and Fixes

Looks like work is far from done when it comes to PUBG New State's issues.


PUBG New State has been out for a while now, and while the core game remains quite enjoyable, there are a litany of issues plaguing the game in its current state. Players have complained of a lack of optimization as well as inexplicable lag, to which the dev team has responded by providing hotfixes and patches, but the work is far from done.

The devs recently offered an update over Twitter confirming that they will continue to work in certain aspects of the game in particular, including ‘Optimization,’ ‘Game Control,’ and ‘Lag’. This is a positive development as it means players will likely receive a patch or a major update sometime soon and PUBG New State will be the experience it was always meant to be.

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PUBG New State dev team offers update on fixes and patch

The team previously acknowledged the state of the game not being up to par, and that they’ve been at work trying to fix the numerous issues that have popped up. While some issues were addressed in a recent hotfix, there are still several areas of the game that require more attention. Despite the issues, PUBG New State has had a massive launch, with many praising some of the game’s new features such as the Drone Store.

New State

The hope is that the dev team is able to fix many of the issues that the game has in a timely fashion because there is a lot to like about the core game itself. PUBG New State is far from being the best version of itself at this point, but it looks like the dev team will continue to provide updates and information on specific areas of the game that they’re working on, which is always a good move.