PUBG New State: Launch Trailer Dropping Soon, Release Date Likely to be Revealed

A launch trailer is dropping soon.


PUBG New State has captured the collective imagination of the mobile gaming community, and with good reason. The upcoming game has a lot going for it, especially on the back of the promise that it will deliver a familiar battle royale experience in an all-new way that looks pretty impressive so far.

Set in a near-futuristic world, PUBG New State features all kinds of futuristic weaponry and tech, and perhaps the biggest highlight is the map itself – TROI. The futuristic city plays host to the battle royale and is packed with all sorts of new elements that fans are definitely going to enjoy. The game has been available for pre-registration for a while and it was just announced that a launch trailer is about to drop soon, and with it, a big announcement as well.

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PUBG New State launch trailer dropping with major announcement soon

The devs have been sharing more and more information about PUBG New State such as weapon recoil and what the new HUD system looks like. From the looks of it, PUBG New State has every reason to be the next big mobile game title, and coming from the makers of PUBG Mobile, the odds are in the favour of the upcoming title.

PUBG New State

The game doesn’t have a release date yet, but it would appear that the launch trailer will likely reveal it soon. The game will be available on both iOS and Android and players who have pre-registered will receive exclusive benefits such as a Limited Vehicle Skin.

The gaming community has a ton of expectations from the upcoming title and the hype surrounding it is palpable. So far, the devs have assured that the game will indeed be pushing the limits of mobile gaming in terms of graphics, visuals, as well as introduce realistic and dynamic gunplay.