PUBG New State Maintenance Time Announced, Season 1 Update to Hit Servers

Season 1 will introduce a bunch of new content, including a new game mode.


PUBG New State Season 1 is scheduled to begin tomorrow and the devs have announced the maintenance schedule for the day. The game servers will be closed for maintenance on January 13 2022 from 06:30 – 11:30 (Indian Standard Time).

Once the maintenance is complete, players will be able to jump right into all the new content that Season 1 of PUBG New State has to offer. Perhaps the biggest highlight of Update 0.9.23 is the introduction of the new, fast-paced and intense game mode, BR: Extreme.

The new game mode will encourage players to play more aggressively as the playing area is reduced and there are adjustments made to quicken the pace of the match. Other new additions include the introduction of new weapons and a new Battle Pass.

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PUBG New State Season 1 Kicks Off Tomorrow

PUBG New State Season 1 will mark the first of two major updates planned for the year. The next update for the game is slated to arrive in February. Season 1 introduces a brand-new weapon to the game, the P90, which will now spawn in Care Packages on the Battlegrounds.

The SMG will come with a standard tier-2 transformative scope and a suppressor attached. However, this means that it cannot be modified with other attachments. The weapon uses 5.7mm ammo, which will now be added to the Drone Store.

Speaking of the Drone Store, PUBG New State’s BR: Extreme mode will have faster delivery drones in order to encourage players to play more aggressively.

Weapon Balance Changes:

  • Weapons
    • The bullet spread of all shotguns and pistols when fired mid-air will be decreased.
    • L85A3: The reload time will be significantly reduced.
  • Weapon Customizations
    • M416 [C1]: Bullet spread when firing from the hip and shoulder will be reduced.
    • Beryl M762 [C1]: This customization will no longer decrease bullet speed.
    • M16A4 [C1]: This customization will no longer decrease recoil control.
    • DSR-1 [C1]: This customization will no longer decrease bullet speed. Instead, it will increase vertical recoil.