PUBG New State Maintenance for March Update v0.9.26 Announced

Update 0.9.26 will arrive on March 17.


PUBG New State’s March update will be available in the game in a couple of days, and in preparation for that – the game will be down for maintenance for about 5 hours on March 17. As announced by the dev team, the game will undergo maintenance on March 17 from 01:00 – 06:00 (UTC), that is, 6:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

Patch Notes for the March Update are also now available in a new video by PUBG New State. The March Update includes regular optimization improvements for certain devices, changes to Erangel, and a new weapon – the MG3 Light Machine Gun.

Along with it, the update will also contain weapon balance changes, updates to vehicles, new gun customisations for the Vector and Mini-14, and other in-game updates.

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PUBG New State Patch Notes v0.9.26

Optimization Improvements

  • Optimization Improvements include support for iPad Mini 6’s full aspect ratio.
  • Frame optimization for iOS devices in general.

Erangel Updates

  • Changes focused around the Southwest region of the map.
  • A new area, ‘Avanpost’. The area will be under construction and will be developed with updates in the future.
  • Loot area added to Ferry Pier, along with a large factory has been added to Quarry.
  • Adjustments to the overall item and vehicle spawn rates iN Erangel – the Electron can be found with the EV battery now available in the Drone Store.

New Weapon – MG3 LMG

  • 75-bullet capacity, auto-firing machine MG3 is the latest addition to the game.
  • 7.62mm ammunition w/ 2 unique firing modes – 660 and 990 RPM.
  • The innate bipod can be used to recoil while shooting prone.

Weapon Balance Changes

  • L85A3 – Increased damage and effective range
  • SKS – Increased muzzle velocity
  • KAR98K [C1] – Increased bolt action speed
  • MP5K [C1] – Increased horizontal recoil control
  • Mini-14 [C1] – Increased Damage, Decreased vertical recoil control and horizontal recoil control.
  • S686 [C1] – Able to switch firing modes
  • Choke – Increased deviation control

Vehicle Updates

  • Vehicle explosions will now result in passengers going into DBNO rather than instant death.
  • Riding shots have lower deviation control and higher recoil.
  • Volta – Decreased acceleration during boost and cornering performance. Increased noise levels.
  • Adjustments to Mesta and Nova to make them easier to drive. Meaning, fewer slips when entering corners and easier transitions out of corners.
  •  UI Button for trunk will now be highlighted whenever a teammate places an item in the trunk.

The complete patch notes will be available soon enough, including a full breakdown complete with specific stats.