PUBG New State February Update Will Fix ‘Vehicle Meta’ and Fix Damage and Vehicle Health

New State Mobile February Update will fix current 'vehicle meta'.


The PUBG New State/New State Mobile dev team recently tweeted out that they will be adjusting the ‘vehicle meta’ that has appeared in the game. This essentially means that vehicles in the game are currently very powerful and can be used to skew the overall balance of the game in their favour.

It appears that PUBG New State players have been able to hop into vehicles to avoid gunfire to a great extent and because of the gun accuracy while shooting out of a vehicle, they’re also able to get more hits in.

The February update will look to fix this ‘vehicle meta’ and lower collision damage, vehicle door health, and health on several vehicles. This will not be the only update coming to the game as a future update will adjust gun accuracy when shooting out of a vehicle.

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PUBG New State Future Updates to Fix ‘Vehicle Meta’

‘Meta’ in gaming refers to a powerful tactic or element in the game which is considered the most optimal way to get success. In this case, ‘vehicle meta’ means that PUBG New State players have found the use of vehicles often guarantees success in the game.

While vehicles have been a major part of why PUBG New State is so fun, right now, it looks like they might be ruining the fun for a lot of players. To balance things out, a future update will enlarge the passenger hitbox by re-adjusting vehicle frames.

This means that opposing players, on foot, will be able to get some sort of damage in on vehicles and stand a better chance at winning. It will be interesting to see how much vehicles get nerfed and whether they still remain a viable tactic in PUBG New State.

The February Update’s release date hasn’t been confirmed yet but it is bound to be announced soon enough. The update will likely usher in Season 2 of New State Mobile and bring new content to the game.