PUBG New State Mobile May Update is Live on Android and iOS: Everything That’s New

PUBG: New State Mobile has received its new May update. The new update is now available to download for both Android and iOS users. Read on to find out more.


Krafton finally rolls out the May update for PUBG New State Mobile and it is now live for both Android and iOS on the Google Play Store and the App Store respectively. The new update brings a bunch of exciting and new content like a new map in Round Deathmatch mode, a new weapon, and more.

The all-new grassy map in the Round Deathmatch mode which is named Underbridge is now available with the May update. Season 3 also kicks off today with the May update and players can now start their rank push to reach the ultimate rank in the game. The developers also included other new features and several improvements were made in the latest update.

New State Mobile May Update goes live on the Play Store and the app store

new state mobile
Image via Krafton

The maintenance took place yesterday and after a required break for the developers, the update is made available for all the players with new content. Following are the links for both Android and iOS users where they can update the game officially:

  • Google Play Store: Click Here
  • App Store: Click Here

Here is a breakdown of the new update’s patch notes:

new state mobile may update
Image via Krafton

The new Round Deathmatch: Underbridge is the latest map introduced in the game and is now available to play. Watchtowers are placed for each camp to let players know the enemy positions from afar. Note that Care packages will not spawn as they used to be in the previous updates. Players will be given shields, and grenades including frag, poison, smoke, and stun for every round.

A new combat leveling system has been introduced in the Round Deathmatch mode. Players can now obtain Combat XP while playing the Team/Round Deathmatch and their stats will decide the XP points! Once a Certain combat level is achieved, players can get a gun customization kit that can be used in the Round Deathmatch preset.

A new weapon M110A1 which is a DMR that uses 7.62 mm Ammo, is now made available in the game. The gun has the fastest bullet velocity in the DMR category. Boasting good recoil and damage, the gun can be equipped with various attachments. Apart from this, Several adjustments and balances were made to several weapons in the new update.

The new update also included the piggyback feature that helps players to carry knocked-out teammates on their back to a safer place. Other additions include the Survivor Pass Vol.7, events, spectate mode for TDM, Graphics improvements, and other bug fixes. Click here to read the full patch notes.

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The new update has issues with control sensitivities, which is the result of the camera and scope sensitivities not aligning with the default values of the gyroscope sensitivities. Developers have sent 5 Chicken Medals as compensation to players via in-game mail.