PUBG New State November 18 Update Patch Notes: Improved Graphics on iOS, Balance Fixes, and More

The latest update fixes a number of persistent issues.

PUBG New State

PUBG New State has been out for a while now, but from the looks of it, it might need a bit of work before it is completely up to scratch. The game launched with a few issues, some of which have already been fixed, but some that are still to be – which is why PUBG New State servers have been routinely taken down for maintenance.

The latest update on November 18 fixed a major issue for iOS users where the anti-cheat solution was causing frames to drop unexpectedly. Additionally, the overall graphic quality has been improved on iOS, which is a major win. Apart from iOS and Android-specific issues, there are additional balancing fixes based on feedback from players.

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PUBG New State 2021/11/18 Patch Notes

PUBG New State

  • iOS Update
    • Fixed an issue where frames get dropped due to an anti-cheat solution
    • Improved overall graphic quality
      • Please note that the high graphic quality may cause overheating, so make sure to choose the most suitable option for each device!
    • Fixed an issue with the app crashing abnormally after running the app
  • Android OS Update  
    • Fixed an issue where an abnormal crash issue happens occasionally
    • Fixed an issue where tapping the [GO TO LOBBY] button after the game makes the app freeze on certain Android devices


  • Based on the feedback from Survivors, we fixed a variety of gameplay issues
  • Fixed an issue where the airdrop sounds louder than others
  • Updated sound balance issue based on the Survivor feedback that noted footstep sounds were too low


  • QOL Updates
    • FOV Option
      • Added a Field of View (FOV) option
        • Select the FOV option by going to [Settings] → [Graphics] → [FOV]
    • FPP Mode
      • Updated the bare-hands motion quality for FPP mode users
      • Fixed an issue where the animation was out on sync when using an item from FPP mode
  • Bug Fixes

For a full list of bug fixes, head on over to the official New State website linked here.

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