PUBG New State: Patch Notes for Upcoming Update Out, to Bring Anti-Cheat Improvement, Bug Fixes

The next update will bring a robust anti-cheat system to the game.

PUBG New State

PUBG New State has been out for about a couple of weeks now, and the game has had a bit of work done to get up to scratch. Owing to the game’s popularity, Krafton has been hard at work patching some of the more prevalent issues in a prompt fashion so as to improve the overall experience of PUBG New State.

The latest update coming for PUBG New State aims to implement a solid Anti-Cheat system, which has been in incredibly high demand within the community. Along with the Anti-Cheat, the next update, scheduled for this week, will focus on bug fixes, general improvements in areas such as controls, squad finishes, and sound systems.

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PUBG New State Patch Notes, November

PUBG New State Anti-Cheat

  • Will add a function where players that are using unauthorized 3rd party programs and get kicked from a match as a result will now be marked as such in the finish feed.
    “We’ve strengthened our anti-cheat measures by having real-time bans and restrictions take place. We’re planning on adding this function so that Survivors can better see the bans that are taking place.”
  • Will enhance the restrictions, suspensions, and bans being levied on unauthorized 3rd party program usage.

Changes and Improvements to Gyroscope

  • Will fix the issue where the horizontal and vertical sensitivities of the gyroscope did not match.
  • Will add inverted controls for gyroscope.

Fixes for Bugs Involving Controls

  • Will fix an issue where sometimes only the joystick controls would work when using control scheme options #1 and #2.
  • Will fix an issue where the joystick on the left side of the screen would sometimes not work when using control scheme option #1.
  • Will fix an issue where an additional touch control could be inputted while using the Free Perspective button in control scheme option #1.
  • Will fix an issue where the Auto-Run field would appear very small.

Bug Fixes

  • Will fix an issue where characters would bounce back to their original positions when walking or running on stairs or the edge of buildings.
  • Will fix an issue where scope sights would intermittently be displayed abnormally.
  • Will fix an issue where a grey ball would sometimes appear in the lobby.
  • [iOS] Will fix an issue where the graphical quality of the game would look very low when accessing the game via deep links.
  • Will fix an issue where colliding with a building while parachuting would inflict an abnormally high amount of damage.
  • Other bug fixes

For a complete breakdown of squad finishes and patch notes for Sound Systems, head on over to the official PUBG New State update page linked here.

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