PUBG New State Hits 10 Million Pre Registration on Google Play, Game Launch Expected Late 2021

Let’s take a look at the PUBG New State details ahead of the launch.


PUBG developers are working on a new version of the popular title called PUBG New State. The game is slated for a launch later this year. Ahead of the launch, the developers have announced that the game has received over 10 million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store. The pre-registration of the game were opened in February when the company launched a new trailer. The developers have also announced that the game will be available for alpha testing starting Q2 2021. It will be available for testing in limited regions, however. The game may or may not launch in India. Let’s take a look at the PUBG New State details ahead of the launch.

PUBG New State hits 10 million pre-registrations on Google Play Store in less than two months

PUBG developers have announced that PUBG New State has hit 10 million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store. It was available for pre-registration starting February 25, 2021.

“We’re happy to report that we’ve hit over 10 MILLION PUBGNEWSTATE pre-registrations on GooglePlay. We’re humbled by the community’s overwhelming response and can’t wait to share our new battlegrounds experience with you later in 2021,” the official account posted on Twitter.

The company has also announced that it will host alpha tests for PUBG New State later this year. The alpha testing kicks off from Q2 of 2021 in limited regions. Select players will get the opportunity to play the upcoming battle royale ahead of its official release. Currently, there is no word on the alpha testing of the game in India.

The company had released a trailer in February. The trailer suggested that PUBG New State is essentially the 2.0 version of PUBG Mobile that was previously rumoured. It is set in 2051 where “anarchy rules as numerous factions battle each other.” The game will include a variety of tools and features, including drones, combat rolls, etc. The New State game will also have an 8×8 map that players can explore using vehicles. Like PUBG Mobile, the New State version will also include multiple weapon options for combat.