PUBG: New State Website Reveals Features Not Shown Off in the Trailer: Combat Rolls, Customisation Kits and More

PUBG New State is available on Google Play Store for pre-registration.

PUBG New State

PUBG Corps has recently released the tease of the new game title called the PUBG New State. The game title was earlier rumoured as PUBG Mobile 2.0, the new game is based on 2051 where “anarchy rules as numerous factions battle each other.” The teaser video has revealed a glimpse of the gameplay which seems to be very impressive and showcase the future with hybrid cars, drones, improved ammunition, and maps.

Now in the new development, a report from PlayerIGN suggested that the upcoming game title will bring features like Combat Rolls, Customization kits, and Grenade launcher attachments. Here’s a closer look at the leaked information about the PUBG New State.

PUBG New State Features

PlayerIGN has shared a tweet from its official Twitter handle along with a series of screenshots claims to be taken from the PUBG New State official website. According to the post, the official PUBG: New State website describes the addition of Combat Rolls, Customization kits, and Grenade launcher attachments.

The tweet suggests that these features were not revealed in the trailer video. So players will be able to customize their weapon with the help of a customization kit and also attach a grenade launcher attachment. This seems to be very promising to us because there is no such feature ever available on the PUBG Mobile.

“Players can enjoy a variety of new features, such as combat rolls, drones, a futuristic ballistic shield, and an in-game weapon customization feature. Players will be able to obtain customization kits that allow them to transform various weapons with performance enhancements, fire mode selection, and grenade launcher attachments,” reads the official website.

Meanwhile, the PUBG New State is available on Google Play Store for pre-registration. Interested ones can head to the Google Play Store and pre-register themselves and play the game upon release. However, it seems iOS users still need to wait for the pre-registration as there is no news about the availability of iOS devices.

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