PUBG’s Newest Feature Needs to Be Included in PUBG Mobile and BGMI As Well

This chaotic new feature needs to come to PUBG Mobile and BGMI, ASAP.


PUBG has proved itself to be way more than just a flash in the pan – as the devs have been hard at work – constantly innovating and remaining competitive in a highly-saturated genre. Over the years, the game has received plenty of cool title updates – but the most significant of which arrived only recently, in the form of an all-new Battle Royale map in Taego.

Taego was received rather well by the PUBG community as many appreciated the change in scenery and the diverse set of challenges it brings. One of the most genius additions in PUBG’s latest update turns what was otherwise the safest place on the map into a flying, metal death trap.

The newest update to PUBG makes the plane, or the dropship, susceptible to engine failures, leading to emergency landings – which means players are going to have to jump off quickly to avoid damage.

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This new PUBG feature needs to be a mainstay in PUBG Mobile and BGMI

As part of the new update, the plane will occasionally catch fire and plummet to the ground quite rapidly. This will essentially force players to jump into battle quickly and get into engagements with other players. Players can also try their luck and stick with their beloved plane until the very end – and they will be rewarded with a solid 50% damage for their troubles.

PC and Console players have reacted quite positively to the newest change – but PUBG Mobile and BGMI players are still out of the loop. Not only is this a nice, fun occurrence in the game – it also fundamentally changes the way players will experience the game.

Increased number of care packages in each match.

Essentially, it will force players to drop within close vicinity to each other, as many will try and jump off to their preferred point as quickly as possible. Jumping off early means more time in the air – meaning, players can somehow try and direct themselves to safety.

This creates a nice sense of urgency right at the start of a match – and intensity is always appreciated in PUBG Mobile and BGMI. It will be interesting to see whether devs can port this feature onto mobile platforms – as that could prove to be a little difficult. If they do manage to pull it off – it will surely be received quite well.