Qualcomm and ASUS are Making a Gaming Smartphone Together, Reports Suggest

The Qualcomm-ASUS partnership sounds similar to the strategy that Google had adopted for its Nexus line of phones, which preceded its present crop of self-branded Pixel phones.

Qualcomm - Asus ROG Phone 3
Note: This is not the Asus ROG 4, image used for representation purpose.

Qualcomm is reportedly planning to unveil its first piece of commercial hardware with a gaming smartphone, in partnership with Taiwanese electronics company, ASUS. According to reports, Qualcomm and ASUS will have a strategic partnership, where Qualcomm will supply the internals and also have some sort of oversight in terms of software optimisations. ASUS, meanwhile, is expected to bring its hardware expertise to the table, and may also extend branding under its ‘Republic of Gamers’ portfolio of gaming devices.

The Qualcomm-ASUS gaming smartphone is largely expected to run on the upcoming Snapdragon 875 processing platform, which is expected to offer an incremental upgrade over the present generation Snapdragon 865 Plus flagship processor. The new generation mobile computing platform is expected to upgrade to a 5nm fabrication process, which should bring about improvements to overall performance as well as power efficiency. The Snapdragon 875 platform will also come with an improved graphics processor, a new generation co-processor, image signal processor and neural engine processor, all of which should combine to offer a considerable improvement to the overall performance.

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With all of these improvements in sight, the Qualcomm-ASUS gaming smartphone is expected to be the first to showcase these features in action, in a commercial smartphone. ASUS is expected to offer solutions such as custom cooling mechanisms, a high refresh rate display, battery optimisations, and custom controls such as shoulder triggers for gaming. It is also expected to feature RGB LED lighting, and may even have the ASUS ROG branding for more familiarity.

With Google having established a niche presence, particularly in mobile photography, with its Pixel line of smartphones, it will be interesting to see if Qualcomm can emulate the same. Furthermore, with ASUS already being an established player in the gaming smartphone market with its ROG Phone portfolio, it will also remain to be seen how the third party manufacturer manages to segregate its own gaming phone offering, in comparison to what it would make in partnership with Qualcomm.

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