Qualcomm Launches Snapdragon Conquest, an Esports Tournament for India, With a Prize Pool of Rs. 50 Lakhs

The Snapdragon Contest will kick off with a Garena Free Fire tournament

Qualcomm Snapdragon Contest

Things are starting to look up for esports in India. In recent years as 4G flourished, and lower-end phones became more powerful, the entry point to gaming in India has lowered considerably. The popularity of game like PUBG Mobile, and media surrounding it, has driven the way for more games and content creators to push gaming content for India.

Now, the Indian esports industry is starting to flourish. We had recently reported about PUBG Mobile making a USD 100 million investment in the Indian video game industry. Now, Qualcomm has launched Snapdragon Conquest Tournament, a mobile esports initiative for India, with a prize pool of Rs. 50 lakhs.

Qualcomm Snapdragon Contest Mobile Esports Tournament Kicks off With Rs. 50 Lakh Prize Pool

Garena Free Fire

Qualcomm Snapdragon Conquest will be a full-fledged esports program, with multiple tournaments held every year. The first among these is the Snapdragon Conquest: Free fire Open 2020. This alone will have the prize pool of Rs. 50,00,000.

This first season will be around Garena Free Fire. It’s a skill-based battle royale game where four-player teams face off against each other. Qualcomm stresses that “Live Broadcasts and Player Livestreams will provide aspiring gamers the opportunity to learn and increase their own proficiency.”

Mobile esports are getting popular being of the barrier to entry being really low. In that spirit, Qualcomm is keeping this tournament open. There will be no entry fees for the Qualcomm Snapdragon Contest. Qualcomm wants to leverage its presence in the mobile space to help elevate the esports scene in India.

“As a world leader in wireless technology innovation and a pioneer in mobile gaming, Qualcomm Technologies is taking its expertise in delivering superior gaming experiences directly to gamers through the Snapdragon Conquest tournament. Snapdragon Conquest is expected to encompass multiple events throughout the year, enabling competitive gaming across multiple game titles and is designed to engage mobile gamers across all segments and levels of proficiency.”

We’ll be reporting more about Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Contest as it unfolds, so stay tuned!

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