Rainbow Six Siege Mobile Tipped to Launch in April 2022

Rainbow Six Siege for Mobile could be set for launch in 2023.


Reports came out last year that suggested that Ubisoft are working with WeGame (Tencent) on a Rainbow Six Siege title for mobile and it looks like the game could be set for a reveal in April. Rumours of the mobile game surfaced after a playtest survey from Ubisoft Halifax were sent out, testing the appeal of Rainbow Six Siege within the mobile gaming community.

According to a new report by Tom Henderson, Tencent’s fourth quarterly earnings call detailed ‘Projects with Ubisoft’ lined up for release in 2023 and beyond. Henderson reports Ubisoft will be revealing their next mobile game on April 6, most likely to be Rainbow Six Siege for mobile.

The game is easily one of Ubisoft’s most successful live service games and makes for an ideal candidate as a mobile port.

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Rainbow Six Siege for Mobile Could be Revealed As Soon as April

Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 1

Rainbow Six Siege has grown by leaps and bounds since its launched and has placed itself prominently as a solid competitive multiplayer shooter on PC and Consoles. The game also has a flourishing esports scene that has been on the uptick for the better part of the last decade.

However, there might be concerns within the game community regarding if the tactical, competitive style of the game will translate well onto the mobile platform. Details on the game are sparse but we will likely find out more on April 6.

It appears that most major publishers are pushing towards more games on the mobile platform and it only makes sense given the incredibly large audience on mobile. Games like Apex Legends have made their way over to mobile, and soon enough, Warzone for Mobile will also be available on the platform.

Reports also suggest that Ubisoft are looking at more IPs to bring to mobile including the likes of The Division and Assassin’s Creed.