Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Brutal Swarm Live with New Operator Grim, Ranked Map, Battle Pass, More

Grim can deploy the Hive Launcher to track enemies that pass through a swarm of projectile drones.


Rainbow Six Siege’s newest update, Brutal Swarm is now live and players can jump right in and see what the newest operator, GRIM, brings to the table. Year 7 Season 3, Brutal Swarm, introduces players to Grim, an Attacker Operator that weilds the 552 Commando and SG-CQB as his Primary Weapons and the P229 as his Secondary.

The Hive Launcher is one of the more exciting parts of Grim’s arsenal as the player can now release a swarm of bots that can track the location of opponents who walk through it. Also new to the game this season is the newest gadget, the Impact EMP Grenade.

This throwable gadget explodes on impact to deactivate nearby electronic devices for a period of time. Operators that can use this Gadget include Blackbeard, Montagne, Dokkaebi, Nokk, Gridlock, Sledge, Lion, and Osa.

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Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3: Brutal Swarm Patch Notes

Rainbow Six Siege


  • Vertical recoil has been reviewed on all weapons and adjusted to match the weapon’s expected power level.
  • Vertical and horizontal recoil intensity increases during sustained fire bursts. The longer the burst, the stronger the recoil.
  • Limits on weapons with strong recoil have mostly stayed the same.
  • LMGs and weapons with high-capacity magazines now have a 4th stage of recoil that’s harder to control.
  • Weapons have more attachment options. This feature will be available for both Console and PC.

Recoil Changes on Console:

In the past, console recoil was adjusted based on PC values and modified for console. With this approach, console recoil values can be adjusted separately from PC allowing us to focus on the needs of console more accurately.


  • All players will have a grace period so they can adapt to the new system.
  • After the grace period is over, players who’ve sent too many hateful or abusive text chats will get an active penalty for 30 matches.

New Permanent Map: Stadium 2021

Stadium Bravo is a combination of Border and Coastline. The well-balanced sites and features are color coded and contain less clutter, making it feel different, and yet familiar.

To read a complete breakdown of all new changes in Rainbow Six Siege Year 7 Season 3, head on over to the official site, linked here.