Realme 2, 2 Pro and C1 ColorOS 5.2 Stable Update Rolls Out to Users, Many New Features in Tow


The last and the most important software update of 2018 for Realme phones has finally been released. Realme had promised the ColorOS 5.2 update for its handsets by the end of December 2018. Even though this is the last minute update, it is still December, and hence, laudable nonetheless. The update has been released for the Realme 2 Pro, the Realme 2, and the Realme C1 now. The new official stable update of ColorOS 5.2 is still not based on Android 9 Pie.

Not all users will get the update in 2018. The rollout will be in phases, which means that only a random few will receive the update, and based on feedback, the full rollout will begin in the first half of January. Realme says if no bugs are found, all users will receive the update within the first weeks of January 2019.

ColorOS 5.2 Stable Update Changelog For Realme 2 Pro

For the flagship Realme 2 Pro, the only Realme phone that packs up to 8GB of RAM, this is the most significant software update before an upgrade to the Android 9 Pie. ColorOS 5.2 (with build number RMX1801EX_11.A.13) brings with it a wide array of features, which is why it took more than a month of testing before it could be released to be downloaded. You can click here to download the firmware manually if you do not want to wait for the OTA update.

The update adds the December 2018 Android security patch to the Realme 2 Pro and changes the design of the icons. There is a new slow-motion video recording mode added to the camera, and a new reboot function gives you the option of swiping up in the shutdown interface to reboot the device. In optimizations to reminders in the Developer Options, Accessibility Mode, and Device Manager, the flashing bar, ongoing notification, and text have been turned off. There is also a new screen battery optimization mode, which makes dynamic adjustments to screen contrast and brightness for balancing power consumption and still maintain decent image quality, except when you are in the Camera or Gallery app. Realme’s changelog says the battery life can be improved by 10 percent in the Strong Mode and 5 percent in the Balance Mode.

ColorOS 5.2 Stable Update Changelog For Realme 2, Realme C1

The ColorOS 5.2 update for Realme 2 and Realme C1 is also made available for manual download; click here if you prefer that. The build number of the ColorOS 5.2 update for the Realme 2 and the Realme C1 is RMX1805EX_11.A.21. This update also adds the December 2018 Android security patch to both the phones and improves the touchscreen refresh rate which should improve touchscreen experience.

The changelog is similar for both the devices and includes the same reboot function as seen in the changelog for the Realme 2 Pro. You can swipe up in the shutdown interface to reboot the device. Also common are the optimizations for reminders when in Developer Options, Accessibility Mode, and Device Manager. But several changes are unique to the Realme 2 and Realme C1, such as Google Assistant integration, where you can long press the power button for half a second to launch the AI-powered digital voice assistant. To dismiss notifications, you can now swipe them to the right. A Smart Bar has been added for quicker app launching and easier multitasking. When you plug in a headset, you will see a headset icon in the status bar now.

As for Android 9 Pie, we have reported earlier too, that Realme CEO, Madhav Sheth has promised to give all Realme phones an upgrade to ColorOS 6.0 based on Android 9 Pie in 2019, at most by June.