Realme 2 Pro Price in India Cut by Rs.1,000: Is It the Right Time to Buy or Wait for Redmi Note 7?


It’s been a while since Oppo’s sub-brand Realme launched the Realme 2 Pro here in India. This handset continues to be popular until this day thanks to the sheer value for money proposition it is. At the time of its launch, the base variant of Realme 2 Pro was priced at INR 13,990. At the same time, the top end 8GB RAM + 128GB variant sold for INR 17,990. Over the course of the past months, Realme announced several price cuts to the Realme 2 Pro with the current price cut announced a few days ago. Currently, the Realme 2 Pro competed with the likes of the Motorola One Power, the Redmi Note 6 series, and the ASUS Zenfone Max Pro M2 in India. However, with Xiaomi expected to launch its next-generation Redmi Note 7 series handsets in India soon, will the Realme 2 remain such an attractive proposition? That is exactly what we will discuss in this article. But before we do that, let us check the prices of the Realme 2 Pro after the recent price cut

Realme 2 Pro: Price cut details

After the recent price cut, the prices of the 4GB/64GB variant of the Realme 2 Pro starts at INR 12,990 as opposed to INR 13,990 earlier. The 6GB/64GB version of the handset will now be sold for INR 14,990 as opposed to the older price of iNR 15,990. The price of the 8GB/128GB version of the Realme 2 Pro remains unchanged and is not part of this price cut it seems. If that wasn’t all, this version has been out of stock for a considerable amount of time. We can only assume that the top variant has silently been pulled out of the market bu Realme. Anyway, that is mere speculation at this point.

To get an answer to this question, learning the price of the Redmi Note 7 is important. However, with Xiaomi yet to announce that all-important bit, we will need to do a specs comparison to help us arrive at a conclusion. Let’s dive straight in.

Realme 2 Pro vs Redmi Note 7: Specifications comparison

As usual, we start with the all-important hardware specs. Both the Realme 2 Pro and the Redmi Note 7 are powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC with the Adreno 512 GPU. The performance, therefore, will be identical on both the handsets. The displays on both the handsets are near-identical as well with both of them measuring 6.3-inches across with a resolution on 1080 x 2340 pixels in the 19.5:9 aspect ratio. As expected, both the handsets also use an IPS LCD panel.

The camera is where the Realme 2 Pro and the Redmi Note 7 differ. While the former uses a 16-megapixel plus 2-megapixel setup, the Redmi 7 gets a 48-megapixel primary camera mated to a 5-megapixel depth sensor. At least on paper, the camera specs of the Redmi Note 7 look superior to that of the Realme 2 Pro. A final verdict, however, can only be given after we test both the handsets after a review. Moving on to the front-facing camera, both these phones get a single camera unit here with the Realme getting a 16-megapixel unit as opposed to a 13-megapixel unit on the Redmi Note 7.

Moving on to the battery capacity, the Redmi Note 7 is the winner here because if its large 4000 mAh battery. The Realme 2 Pro gets by with a 3500 mAh unit. Again, it remains to be seen how both these devices perform in the battery life department when subjected to real-world tests.

Realme 2 Pro vs Redmi Note 7: Which one should you buy?

This one seems pretty straightforward to me. If you are the type who prefers a great camera and great battery life, the Redmi Note 7 might just be the one you are looking for. The Realme 2 Pro’s performance will be identical to the Redmi Note 7 in all other aspects. Additionally, being the older of the two, there is a good chance that it will be considerably cheaper than the Redmi Note 7. Again, this is mere speculation at this point since Xiaomi can surprise us in this regard. The best option right now in my opinion is to simply wait for Xiaomi to announce the price of the Redmi Note 7 series and then take a call.