Realme 5 Blasts in a Consumer’s Pocket, Service Center Asks for 50 Percent Money


Update 3 (26/03/2020):

Realme has now shared an Excel sheet with us, which is basically an evaluation report prepared by the brand for the damaged unit of the Realme 5 that is in question. This Excel sheet has a point-by-point ‘Analysis report,’ which, according to the brand, shows that the device was damaged due to external forces.

Picture 1: “The device is broken due to heavy external force applied, deformation is clearly visible.”

Picture 2: “Device damage due to external force is clearly visible that results into damage of device frame.”

Picture 3: “External force applied on battery position which cause battery deformation, mark clearly visible.”

Picture 4: “Heavy external pressure applied on another side of device which results this side display come out of frame.”

The brand has summarised the case by saying “In Summary, this is a CID case. Device damaged and deformed due to heavy external force applied which cause battery deformation and burn.

Update 2 (26/03/2020):

According to Realme, the phone was damaged by external forces which caused it to catch fire. Below is a statement the brand has sent to us.

‘’The user’s phone battery caught fire, and we have analyzed the phone. The phone was badly deformed by external forces, and the battery was punctured, causing the battery to catch fire. From the user’s point of view, we have offered him a discount, asking him to replace a new mobile phone with 50% of the cost of his paid mobile phone, but the user did not agree, so he complained to social media. Please note that we are now in further communication with users.’’

Realme has also sent us a few pictures, which, according to them, prove that the device was damaged due to external forces.

Update 1 (26/03/2020):

Right after we reported the issue, the customer received a phone call from the company representatives and was assured a replacement after the lockdown period in India.

Realme’s mid-range offering, the Realme 5 smartphone, has once again been in the news, this time not for a good reason. A Realme 5 blast issue has popped up today, which is, by far, the first instance of mishaps in the Realme 5 blasts, at least under our radar. In a rather strange and unfortunate turn of events, a Realme 5 device malfunctioned and the customer who was making use of the device reached out to Mysmartprice to report the battery blast. After the person reached out to us, we tried our best to gather around as much intel as possible surrounding the incident. We asked the customer to share pictures of the damaged Realme 5 device. We even asked as to what circumstances the device was kept under at the time it caught fire. Strangely enough, the response that we received was pretty alarming and we could not help but report the incident.

Anil Rathi, a resident of Haryana, was the person who reached out to us concerning the Realme 5 smartphone catching fire. As per the person, his friend Amit Rathi was riding his motorcycle on March 17, 2020 (around 9am – 10am) on his farm. While riding, the device started catching fire and it burnt in no time. He further told us that Amit received minor burns on his body because the device was in his pocket. The customer assured that the device was being charged via the stock charger that came bundled with the box. We asked the customer to share the images of the Realme 5 device that caught fire. How severe was the Realme 5 blast? Well, it would be better if you could see for yourself. The images below consist of the Realme 5 smartphone that caught fire on its own. The person’s trousers were also burnt. Take a look.

Upon asking for more details, Anil shared with us the bill for the device. Note that the above-mentioned Realme 5 has been bought by a person named Deepak Sangwan (we have attached the bill alongside the image of the burnt device).

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To add to the ‘fire’, the service center has also been indifferent when it comes to helping the concerned. When the issue was first reported, the customer was assured that he would get a replacement free of cost. But, after trying to reach out to the service center within a couple of days after the first report, the service center employees demanded 50 percent of the device’s cost from the customer. Anil has even emailed us a recorded phone call wherein the alleged service center representative is heard asking for 50 percent.

While we will continue to develop the story if we receive any more intel on the same, it becomes our moral responsibility to share our concerns and we certainly hope that the concerned person is provided with justice. We have already reported the issue to the company and shall wait for a revert from the brand. Whenever we do, we shall keep you posted on the same.

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