Realme C1: 5 reasons this latest budget phone is best pick over Xiaomi’s highly popular Redmi 5A

The Realme C1 is one of the most affordable smartphone solutions available in the market right now and here are five important reasons why you should pick it up instead of getting the Redmi 5A.


The Realme C1 is one of the most affordable Android smartphones available in India that also happen to provide you with more value for your money. Even if this handset is compared against the highly inexpensive Redmi 5A (review), there are several reasons we will be able to conclude that make the OPPO handset a much better choice.

Speaking of several reasons, we have actually detailed five of them given below that also tell the specifications of the Realme C1. If you ever had the intention of picking up the Redmi 5A down the road, why don’t you be a little patient? Perhaps reading the five reasons given below will be enough to change your mind.

Display Size

The Redmi 5A from Xiaomi features a small 5-inch display in the traditional 16:9 aspect ratio. The Realme C1 not just features a bigger 6.2-inch IPS LCD screen, it also carries a 19:9 aspect ratio. What this means is that the smartphone is not just larger than the Redmi 5A, but it able to flaunt a bigger display while maintaining a smaller size thanks to the notch at the top and chin bezel present at the bottom. These thinner bezels mean that the smartphone can easily slip into your pocket and fire up applications with a one-handed use. In this day and age of handsets with razor-thin bezels, the Realme C1 can easily be one of the best that goes easy on your wallet.


The Realme C1 is armed with a Snapdragon 450, and that is able to deliver better performance than the Snapdragon 425 found inside the Redmi 5A. For starters, the chipset found in the OPPO-branded handset features an octa-core processor, while the one found in the Redmi 5A features a total of just four cores. That is more than enough to tell you that the Realme C1 is going to be ahead of the performance race by quite a margin. Additionally, the octa-core processor running in this smartphone is clocked at a higher frequency, so single-core tests are going to perform better with the Realme C1.


Though both Realme C1 and Redmi 5A feature a 5MP selfie camera, the real difference will be present at the rear side of both handsets. Unlike the Redmi 5A, the Realme C1 is armed with a dual-camera with a 13MP+2MP configuration. The 2MP sensor will be used for depth-sensing purposes and will be able to create images with a Bokeh effect, which is also known as Portrait Mode on other devices. Sadly, thanks to a single 13MP camera present at the back of the Redmi 5A, the smartphone will not be able to do such a thing, giving the Realme C1 major advantage.

Battery Capacity

For its size, the Realme C1 features a mammoth-sized 4230mAh battery, compared to the much smaller 3000mAh unit present in the Redmi 5A. Sure enough, you will be able to experience an all-day battery endurance with the Realme C1. Even under heavy use, the battery of the device is expected to last even after your day is over and you have to plug in the smartphone again. Also, if you use a high amperage charger, the Realme C1’s cell will get topped up much faster.


For everything that you are getting in return, the price of Rs. 6,990 for the Realme C1 is actually a steal. It is still Rs. 1,000 more expensive compared to the base version of the Redmi 5A, but if you compare all that you are getting in return, you’d also conclude that it is more than justified. Additionally, saving Rs. 1,000 and getting the Redmi 5A instead will not give you a whole lot of benefits in return, so you can do the smarter thing and pick up the Realme C1 from Flipkart.

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