Realme Officially Launches Realme UI, Here’s When Realme Smartphones will Get the Update


A few days ago, Realme unveiled its own version of Android, which is built on top of ColorOS and named Realme UI. Now, the company officially launched the same and has announced the official roadmap for its eligible Realme devices that are set to receive the update in the coming time. Plus, the company has revealed the features of the Realme UI too. Let’s have a look at the features of the Realme UI and the list of the Realme smartphones that will get it in the future.

Realme Officially Launches Realme UI: Features, Roadmap, and List of Eligible Devices

realme ui

Starting with the design changes, Realme UI brings about a visual overhaul when it comes to the interface elements. The icons are more simplified and ‘adhere to the concept of Real Design’. Furthermore, the company says that the Realme UI creates a ‘Seamless Fun’ that is favoured by young people. The UI is redesigned in terms of the system colours, icons, wallpapers, and animations. The App icons are designed from core elements found in common household elements.

Speaking of the icons, the icons can now be customised as per the user’s liking – you can shape them square or round, large or small. Moreover, the internal graphic size of the icons can also be changed. Adding to this, Realme UI comes with 11 new wallpapers that are inspired by natural elements. In terms of the system animations, the Realme UI comes with the latest quantum animation engine which would improve the screen fluency.

As the Realme UI is based on Android 10, it brings all the latest goodness from the vanilla Android and adds its own layer on top of it. It comes with a new Focus Mode which can provisionally isolate the user from the outside world. Turning on the Focus Mode will simultaneously play some relaxing music to help the user concentrate on the intended work.

3-Finger Screenshot Gesture

The 3-Finger Screenshot Gesture has also received a major update. In Realme UI, the users only need to touch and hold the screen with three fingers for a few seconds and then swipe down to select the desired area to take the screenshot. This essentially helps the user to take a snippet of only that much part of the display that is actually required, thereby eliminating the need for post-screenshot cropping.

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Personal Information Protection

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Adding to that, Realme UI comes with a “Personal Information Protection” feature which will provide the user with information regarding the user’s personal information the various apps access. This ensures that the user’s call history, contacts, messages, and other sensitive information is prevented from getting leaked.

Dual Earphone Connection

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Realme UI will also bring about a “Dual Earphone Connection” mode using which, one will be able to use wired, as well as wireless earphones with the Realme devices at the same time. The media can be shared with the two earphones, but the calls will be directed to the Bluetooth earphones.

Screen-off Display

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The latest update will also come with a new Screen-off display which is basically the always-on feature that we have seen with plenty of other Android skins. It shows the notifications, time, and the battery percentage when the display is turned off.

Realme UI Roadmap and List of Eligible Devices

realme ui roadmap

Speaking of the official roadmap, almost all the latest Realme devices are eligible to receive the latest Realme UI update. The Realme 3 Pro and the Realme XT devices will receive the update in January 2020. The Realme X and the Realme 5 Pro devices will get it in February 2020. The Realme X2 and the company’s flagship, the Realme X2 Pro devices will get it in March 2020. In April 2020, the Realme 3 and the Realme 3i smartphones will receive the update. The Realme 5, Realme 5s, and the Realme 5i devices will get it in May 2020. The Realme 2 Pro is the last device from the company to have a confirmed time frame, i.e. April 2020. Lastly, the Realme C2 will receive the update in Q3, 2020, and the company has not given any specific month for the same.