Realme Phones Monthly Updates: AI Beauty + Vivid Mode, Slow-motion Recording, ColorOS 5.2, and More


OPPO‘s subsidiary brand Realme has released its schedule for the month of December, which details what different devices can expect in terms of software. The updates aren’t going to change the Android version, but they will bring a host of other changes, such as an upgrade to ColorOS 5.2 and the newest Android security patches. Apart from that, the company has also revealed what’s to come in 2019.

Realme December Updates

The company has announced different updates for different devices. First off, Realme 1, which received ColorOS 5.2 earlier, is going to receive a security patch and a couple of camera-related updates. It is worth noting that with a 13MP camera on the back and an 8MP camera on the front, the camera configurations aren’t exactly stellar. That’s why software-related enhancements can really make a difference. With the new update, the Realme 1 will get an AI Beauty Mode and a Vivid Mode that subjects photographs to the standard HDR procedure before boosting colors. It can come in handy in certain lighting conditions. Apart from that, the upcoming update will also let you add watermark to your photographs. The update is expected by the end of December.

Next up we have the Realme 2 and Realme C1. The devices will expectedly receive an update by the end of December that will bump up ColorOS to 5.2. As you may already know, ColorOS is the custom UI overlay developed by OPPO that sits on the top of its devices. The latest iteration of the software will bring a bevy of new features to the Realme 2 and Realme C1, including a new interface for efficient navigation, Google Lens, Smart Scan for facilitating translation, Smart Bar for convenient multitasking, new video editing features, advanced call blocking, and Smart Cleaning for decluttering the phone.

After that, we have the Realme 2 Pro and the Realme U1, both of which will receive the security patch and a fix for the notification blinking issue. Additionally, the Realme 2 Pro will also get the capability to shoot slow motion videos. The updates will start rolling out by the end of this month.

The Exact Dates Haven’t Been Announced

Although, Realme has mentioned that the updates are expected this month, the company hasn’t determined the rollout date yet. These are going to be staged rollouts, which mean not all users will get them at the same time. In fact, some owners might have to wait till January to get the OTA. Phased rollouts enable the company to iron out bugs along the way and it is a pretty standard practice.

Don’t be dismayed if you haven’t spotted certain bug fixes and improvements in the changelog, as more is to come in 2019. As the company has previously stated, Realme devices will be getting Android Pie next year. Along with that, the company will also roll out ColorOS 6. However, apart from revealing that the updates are expected next year, the company hasn’t specified any time window.

Swift software updates and a good communication channel can take a company a long way, and it seems Realme is serious about both. The company is hard at work to crack the budget market, and with smartphones like the Realme U1 shown below, it seems that the OPPO sub-brand is on the right track.