Realme U1, Realme 2, 2 Pro January Updates: Bootloader Unlock, Material Design Theme, and More


Oppo’s sub-brand Realme has recently emerged one of the successful brands in India. In a short span, Realme managed to climb the popularity ladder with its budget offerings and software updates. Keeping up with its positive streak, the brand has made a post on its community forum enlightening Realme fans about the upcoming updates, their timelines, and new features. The post lists all the information for these Realme phones – the Realme U1, Realme 1, Realme 2, Realme 2 Pro, and the Realme C1. Let’s dig deeper into the details that we have got to know through the post.

Realme 2, Realme 2 Pro, Realme 1, C1, and U1 January Updates Info

The forum post states that the timeline indicated is not the exact timeline, but the OTAs will be released around the same time. Every rollout will be done in a phase-wise manner, which means that it may take up to a week for all devices to receive the OTA update. The brand mentions that it has opted for a phase-wise manner to ensure that no bugs have been ignored and if a bug is found then not all the devices will be impacted at once, thanks to staged rollout. The post also states that Realme will be posting links for manual download. It also reveals that the upcoming updates are not the major ones and that the major updates are currently in works.

Realme 2, Realme 2 Pro, Realme 1, C1, and U1 Upcoming Update Timeline, Features, Security Patch

According to the community post, the Realme U1 will get the update sometime in the middle of January 2019 with Android security patch, new camera watermark design featuring the brand’s new logo, optimized reminders whenever Developer Options, Accessibility Mode, and Device Manager are enabled. The upcoming update will also bring Reboot option in the shutdown interface. For the Realme 2, the update will start rolling around the end of January 2019 with Android security patch, new material design, and a new camera watermark design with Realme’s updated logo. Concerning the Realme C1, the phone will also get the latest Android security patch alongside material design theme and update camera watermark logo. It will also get the update by the end of January 2019. Check out the latest watermark logo with Realme’s branding ‘Shot on Realme’ in the image below.

Realme camera watermark

The Realme 2 Pro will be receiving the update around the end of January 2019 with the latest Android security patch and camera watermark logo. Additionally, the phone will get Bootloader Unlock and Kernel Sources by January 15, 2019. This will enable the Realme 2 Pro users to update their phone manually.

Realme’s debut smartphone, the Realme 1, will get the update in February 2019 with Android security patch. It will get updated camera watermark logo. The Reboot option in the Realme 1 will show up in the shutdown interface. It will get Bootloader Unlock and Kernel Sources by the middle of February 2019 to allow Realme 1 users to go for a manual update.

We are quite impressed with how Realme chose to update its users about the upcoming rollouts. With such steps, the brand may soon be able to garner even more fans.