Realme Ultradart 125W Charging Technology Rumoured to be Announced With an Ultra-Premium Flagship in 2022


Smartphones in 2021 come with super-fast charging tech support. Android smartphones from Chinese players like Oppo, Xiaomi, Realme, OnePlus come with fast charging speeds upwards of 65W. The charging tech fuels up a 4500 mAh battery in under 40 minutes. Companies do not intend to stop here. Oppo and Realme have already unveiled their 125W fast charging technology last year. The companies, however, did not confirm the official commercial availability of the charging tech. It looks like Realme will ‘dare to leap’ and launch its smartphone next year with 125W fast charging support, according to a report.

Realme India CEO Madhav Sheth has confirmed the commercial release of the Realme UltraDart 125W charging tech next year. While the exact date or timeline remains unknown, the GSM Arena report reveals that Realme will launch a device with the ultra-fast charging tech next year.

Sheth further revealed that the company will launch an ultra-premium smartphone under the GT series. He did not dive much into the details. However, we can expect this GT-series phone to come with 125W UltraDart charging technology.

Realme’s UltraDart charging tech claims to refuel a 4000 mAh battery from zero to 33 per cent in three minutes. The charging tech also supports multiple charging protocols, including 125W PPS, 65W PD, and 36W QC.

For better thermal management, the company claims that it used 14 temperature sensors in the battery architecture along with some additional internal cooling system in the device. This resulted in the device not breaching the temperature above 40-degree Celsius.

It is unknown if the upcoming ultra-premium Realme smartphone under the GT series will feature a 4000 mAh battery that will support 125W UltraDart charging tech. Considering the company announced the charging tech last year and said it was working on evolving the tech, we can expect the device to pack a slightly bigger battery. More details could be revealed as we get closer to the launch next year.