Redmi K70 Series, POCO F6 Series Spotted on IMEI Database; Expected to Launch Later this Year

The Redmi K70 series will launch as the company’s flagship smartphone series in China.

  1. Redmi K70 series will likely feature three premium devices.
  2. The vanilla K70 might launch as the POCO F6 Pro in various global markets.
  3. POCO F6 has also been spotted on the IMEI database.

Redmi launched the K60 series late last year in China. The lineup includes three devices, namely the K60, K60e and K60 Pro. Only the vanilla K60 made it to global markets as the POCO F5 Pro. It has been nearly six months since the launch of the K60 series and rumours about the next-generation models have started to surface online. In fact, the launch of the K70 series seems imminent. Multiple models of the Redmi K70 series have appeared on the iMEI database. The POCO F6, which will likely be a rebadged version of one of the K70 series phones, has also been spotted on the certification website.

Let’s take a look at the key details about the Redmi K70 series and the POCO F6 series revealed so far.

Redmi K70 Series Gets IMEI Certified 

The Redmi K70 series will launch as the company’s flagship smartphone series in China. The devices might launch globally under the POCO branding. Multiple K70 series phones have been spotted on the IMEI database. According to the listing, three models of the K70 series have visited the IMEI database. There is the base K70e, above which will be the K70 and K70 Pro.

According to the listing spotted by Xiaomi UI (via), the K70e has the model number 23117RK66C. There is also the K70 with the model number 2311DRK48C. The K70 Pro, lastly, has the model number 23113RKC6C. The model numbers suggest that the K70 series will likely launch in November 2023.

The report also mentions that the POCO F6 series has cleared the IMEI database. The vanilla F6 has the model number 2311DRK48I, whereas the F6 Pro has the model numbers 23113RKC6G and 23113RKC6I.

The IMEI database does not specifically mention any specifications or features of the upcoming K70 series or the POCO F6 series. 

Since this is the first major listing of the K70 series and the F6 series, not much is known about the specifications or features of the flagship phones.

 IT Home, citing another report by Xiaomi UI, stated that the K70 Pro might feature the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 SoC, whereas the K70 5G will likely feature the current flagship SoC from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC. We can expect the K70 series to feature some top-end hardware, including a 2K AMOLED display, up to 120W fast charging and a triple-camera setup. More details about the devices should surface soon on the web. We will share more details as and when available.