Reliance Digital Cancels Some Xbox Series X Pre-orders, Gives Sony Headphones as an Apology

Instead of your Microsoft console, you will get a full refund, and a pair of Sony headphones for the discounted price of Rs. 1

Xbox Series X poster

Xbox Series X pre-orders in India seem to be hitting more hurdles than one would expect. Specifically from one retailer — Reliance Digital. The retailer has been cancelling pre-orders, but the new batch of cancellations are coming with an interesting development. Reliance Digital has been offering Sony headphones to users as an apology for cancelling their Xbox Series X pre-orders.

User reports of Reliance Digital cancelling Xbox Series X pre-orders in India have been coming around. It appears that Reliance Digital is offering a pair of Sony MRD-XB450AP headphones for a discounted price of Rs. 1, as an apology for cancelled pre-orders. The information was tweeted out by

Reliance Digital started cancelling Xbox Series X pre-orders since early-October, citing no guarantee of timely delivery as the reason. However, back then the retailer was contacting buyers and offering to cancel their pre-orders for a refund.

Now, however, Reliance Digital has started cancelling the Xbox Series X pre-orders directly and offering this apology gift coupon code. The fact that these apology headphones are Sony-made, has tickled the funny bone of many folks.

Xbox Series X pre-orders on Amazon India were sold out pretty quickly too, and it looks like stocks are going to be very limited. The Xbox Series S, however, is still available to pre-order on Amazon India.

Meanwhile, Sony PS5 pre-orders in India still remain shrouded in mystery. There have been no official talks with regards to PS5 pre-orders. As far as the release date goes, we now have a PS5 India release date mentioned on the website. However, there’s not enough evidence to suggest that this is the final date.

Xbox Series X and PS5 are all set to take on each other when they release in the next two weeks. As far as Indian availability and shipping go, stay tuned to us for more information on those!

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