Reliance Jio Launches All-In-One Recharge Plans for JioPhone Users, Price Starts At Rs 75

jiophone new plans

Reliance Jio has announced four new all-in-one recharge plans for its JioPhone users. The plans start for a minimum amount of INR 75 and go all the way up to INR 185.

The plans are more or less the same as the standard Jio plans with a few additions (or subtractions) here and there. If in case one wants to avail these plans, they have already been updated on the MyJio app as well as on the company’s official website.

In addition to the standard services (mentioned below), all the four plans come with complimentary services like JioTV, JioCinema, JioNews etc.

Here are the in-depth details of each new plan.

jio new plans

Reliance JioPhone All-in-One INR 75 recharge benefits

With the RS75 recharge plan, users will get 100MB data per day which adds up to 3GB of data per month, unlimited Jio-to-Jio voice calls, 500 minutes of calling on other networks, and 50 text messages. The validity of the plan is again 28 days. This is more or less the same as the standard INR 99 plan with the addition of 500 minutes of non-Jio calling.

Reliance JioPhone All-in-One INR 125 recharge benefits

The RS125 plan comes packed with 500MB of data per day which translates to 15GB of data per month, unlimited Jio-to-Jio voice calls, 500 minutes of calling on other networks, and 300 text messages. The validity of the plan stands at 28 days.

Reliance JioPhone All-in-One INR 155 recharge benefits

The RS155 plan looks like the best option out of the lot as it offers 1GB of internet data per day, unlimited Jio-to-Jio voice calling, 500 minutes of non-Jio voice calling, and 100 text messages per day. The validity of this plan is also 28 days.

Reliance JioPhone All-in-One INR 185 recharge benefits

With the RS185 plan, the users will be able to avail 2GB of data per day (or 60GB of data every month), 100 text messages per day, unlimited Jio-to-Jio voice calling, and 500 minutes of non-Jio voice calling.

If one compares it with the standard Jio prepaid plan, the 2GB data per day per 28 days plan stands at INR199 which essentially means that the JioPhone users will have to pay INR 14 less to avail the same benefits.

Are the new JioPhone all-in-one plans really worth?

On paper, the newly introduced prepaid plans by Jio look pretty lucrative, but there is a catch. Take the following combination for instance –

If a user opts for the standard RS99 plan for the JioPhone, the data offered is 500MB per day which when combined with a standard INR 50 top-up offers a total of 656 non-Jio calling minutes. Though the total amount becomes INR 149 which is more than the INR 125 package, it still offers 156 more minutes (add to this the fact that we get 5GB more data for the price). So, it ultimately boils down to personal preference and spending around INR 25 won’t hurt anyone that much. As far as practicality is concerned, sticking to the standard plans still sounds like a better idea.

These are the four new plans that Jio has introduced for the JioPhone users? What are your thoughts on the same? Do let us know in the comments section below.


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