Riot Drops Another Video Teasing a New Agent in Valorant Named ‘Gekko’

Agent 22 Gekko will soon be joining the Valorant Agent roster!

  1. Riot posted a new teaser revealing more details about the new agent.
  2. Players will get to see the new agent during VCT Lock/in the grand finals.
  3. Agent 22 is supposed to release with Act 2 Episode 6 which is scheduled to release on 7 March.


Riot Games has posted another video on the official Twitter handle of Valorant revealing details about the upcoming new agent in the game. The company earlier shared an image related to the agent. In the new teaser, Riot seemingly confirmed the name of Agent 22.

Since the launch of Valorant, Riot Games have introduced agents from all corners of the world and have been modifying their abilities with each patch. Valorant Agent 21 – Harbor was from India and Riot onboarded the Indian agent on 18 October. 

Valorant players had been waiting for a new agent with the arrival of the next Act. Fortunately, it appears that one is on its way. Valorant should be introducing a new agent called Gekko here soon, thanks to leaks from a known leaker. Let us know more about the leaks and what is known about the agent.

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Valorant’s New Teaser Suggests That the Next Agent is Gekko

Before we begin, there were reports about a new agent codenamed SmokeDancer. While nothing has been confirmed, the name Gekko and what has been revealed so far suggest that this is the same agent. The same has happened before with agents.

The leaker, ValorLeaks, has posted a series of Tweets about Agent 22.

Gekko will be unveiled publicly on 4 March 2023, prior to the Lock/In tournament’s Grand Finals. The insider also expects that a show match would be held to showcase Gekko’s ability in detail.

Valorant’s creator has stated that three additional Agents would be added to the game this year. The first will be an Initiator, while the second will be a Sentinel. The third was kept as a secret as Riot Games appears to be working on something unique with the third Agent.

According to John Goscicki (Riot Dev), Agent 22 will bring new methods for simply clearing corners, getting inside the location, and placing the spike. The teaser photographs provided on the official VALORANT channel suggest that Gekko is from Latin America. Two of the teasers have mentioned the new agent’s apparent liking for tamales (in addition to tacos), and the one posted on March 1 incorporates a song by Panamanian and Puerto Rican pop artist ericdoa.

Fans will see the agent for the first time during the VCT LOCK/in showmatch between teams led by streaming superstars Tarik and FRTTT.

The Gekko premiere is scheduled on 4 March at 11 AM CT (10:30 PM IST), prior to the commencement of the VCT LOCK/IN grand finals.

Valorant’s Episode 6 began earlier this year with the introduction of a new map, Lotus. The second Act of Episode 6 is scheduled to be live on March 7th, with the main anticipated feature being a new Agent, but players can also expect a range of balancing tweaks for existing Agents. While no official information on the new Agent has been released, Valorant’s official Twitter account has teased Gekko several times.

Moreover, in addition to new agents and bundles, Riot is working on a new Premier mode. While a beta version of the competitive mode was tested in 2022, work on it will continue until Riot determines it is suitable for release. Valorant Game Director, Andy Ho announced that Premier Global Beta is set to begin in Act III Episode 6. Riot is striving to offer the esports experience to gamers in the Premier mode.

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