Rockstar Games Addresses Latest GTA 6 Leak, Responds to the Intrusion

The publisher has finally responded to the massive leak.


Perhaps one of, if not the biggest game leak in games history, footage from the upcoming GTA 6, was leaked online this past weekend. Over 90 clips featuring an early build of the game were leaked online and according to reports, the hacker responsible for the leak gained access to the source code of both GTA V and 6.

Rockstar Games has finally broken the silence and addressed the latest leak and network intrusion. The publisher acknowledges that an unauthorized third-party illegally accessed and downloaded confidential information from their systems, which included early development footage from the next GTA title.

At the same time, the publisher reassures players that they do not anticipate “any long-term effect on the development of our ongoing project”.

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Rockstar Reassures Fans That Development on GTA 6 Will Continue as Planned

It will be a while before we learn of the actual cascading effects of this recent leak as it is bound to have had an impact on the core team involved with the project. At this point in time, GTA 6 is quite easily the most highly-anticipated game in the history of the medium.

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has been part of the mainstream consciousness for a long while and has been a major presence outside of just gaming circles. Given that is the case, there is undoubtedly a ton of pressure on the studios and publishers to deliver a product that exceeds these extremely high expectations.

The publisher is yet to confirm a release window for the game and it might be a while before we get to see more of the upcoming project. The recent leak is sure to have messed up the marketing for the game as there is a chance that we could have seen at least a teaser or an announcement trailer before the year’s end.