Samsung Introduces New Auto Blocker Security Tool for Galaxy Devices: Check Details

Auto Blocker security tool is part of the latest One UI 6 software update.

  • Auto Blocker is an extension of the security and privacy features Samsung already offers.
  • It will prevent users from app installations through unauthorized sources.
  • It can also be used to block commands sent via USB cable for added security.

Samsung is currently busy rolling out the latest One UI 6 software update to eligible devices around the globe. The rollout has begun for Indian users and it comes loaded with a number of new features and improvements. While Galaxy users are either enjoying or waiting for the new update, Samsung has announced a new Auto Blocker security feature. It provides additional security measures to users apart from the existing ones.

Samsung Auto Blocker Benefits and How to Use

The first thing to note is that Auto Blocker is a completely optional feature. It means it is up to the user whether they want to make use of additional security features or not. The new tool can be accessed by simply searching for it within the system settings of your Galaxy device running One UI 6.

This is because Auto Blocker is a One UI 6 exclusive feature, at least for now. There is a toggle at the top that you can turn on or off. If the feature is enabled, all three security measures will be activated. These include blocking apps from unauthorized stores, security checks for installed apps, and disabling commands by USB cable.

The first security measure is aimed at users who are unable to distinguish between a trusted and untrusted store. It will block app installations if they are not downloaded from the Google Play Store or Samsung’s Galaxy Store. The second measure will scan your installed apps for malicious activity.

The last security option will block sending commands to your smartphone via a USB cable. It is beneficial in situations where you are connecting your phone to an unverified source like a public charger, computer, or other devices. There have been instances in the past where people’s devices got infected with malware and other malicious things after using untrustworthy devices.

Auto Blocker further has an Advanced section where users get two more optional settings. The first one is messaging app protection which will block images suspected of containing malware in messaging apps. It is essentially an upgrade to the Message Guard feature which now also works with popular third-party apps Facebook Messenger, Telegram, KakaoTalk, and WhatsApp.

The last security option is for blocking software update installation through USB cables. It will prevent others who have physical access to your device from installing any malicious software package with the help of a USB cable.

Samsung says Auto Blocker is available for everyone who has a Galaxy device running the latest One UI 6. It is a software update that has begun rolling out for select devices around the globe.