Samsung’s Upcoming 7.5W Wireless Charger (EP-N3300) Gets FCC and Korean NRRA Certifications

The upcoming wireless charger from Samsung is going to be a budget offering.

Samsung wireless charger

Samsung’s fastest wireless charger that is on sale currently supports up to 15W of charging speed. While anyone would expect the brand’s next wireless charger to support higher charging wattage, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Today, we have come across a certification of a new wireless charger from Samsung, bearing the model number EP-N3300, on FCC and MIIT certification platforms. And it has a 7.5W charging speed.

Samsung 7.5W wireless charger (EP-N3300) gets FCC certification

One of the FCC documents of the Samsung EP-N3300 reveals its label which shows that this wireless charger has 9 volts x 1.67 amps input, which means that it takes in 15W of power. Another document of the EP-N3300 on FCC reveals that the charger has two operating modes (which most probably means output power), 5W and 7.5W. This document also mentions that the EP-N3300 uses ‘Loop Coil Antenna.’

The document that shows the label of this upcoming wireless charger from Samsung also has a schematic of the EP-N3300 but it doesn’t reveal anything interesting apart from suggesting that the wireless charger might have a rectangular shape.

Samsung 7.5W wireless charger (EP-N3300) gets MIIT certification

Now coming to the Korean NRRA certification of the EP-N3300, it just mentions the model number of the charger. Unfortunately, it doesn’t reveal any features or specifications of the device.

It looks like the EP-N3300 will be launched a budget wireless charger who want to experience wireless charging but don’t want to spend too much amount of money.

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