Samsung Expected to Launch a New Galaxy Camera-oriented Phone at the 4X Fun Event on October 11

Samsung's new smartphone, which is launching on October 11, will be a mid-range device focused on photography, or it could also be four new devices

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The South Korean smartphone manufacturer, Samsung, just sent out invitations for a new event on October 11. The invitations came out of the blue, and we weren’t really expecting anything new from the company right now.

However, it seems that Samsung has a surprise in store for us. The company recently unveiled the Galaxy Note 9, and there hasn’t been much talk about any other new Samsung device after that. We did spot two mid-range Galaxy phones on a certification site, but those were the Galaxy A8+ 2019 and the Galaxy J4 Plus.

The invite doesn’t really reveal anything, or do they? Read on, as we take a look at what the invite could mean, and try to dig out more details.

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Alright, so Samsung sent out a new invitation for an event that is happening on October 11. As per the invitation, Samsung is launching a new Galaxy phone, which will apparently ‘bring more ways to express yourself than before.’

We do not know what that means, but the invite also says ‘4X the Fun’ and the event is called ‘A Galaxy Event’. All this points to a camera-centric smartphone for sure. The press release for the invite also states, ‘Capture the fun with Samsung as the company celebrates the launch of the new device.’ Capturing the fun will obviously require a good camera, don’t you think?

Could it be a New Samsung Galaxy A Smartphone?

Because the event is called ‘A Galaxy Event’, it is possible that Samsung could be talking about a new Galaxy A smartphone. The event title could just be a smart word play. We have also spotted a new Galaxy A8+ smartphone on a certification, so it is possible that Samsung could just unveil a new Galaxy A series device.

Also, Samsung had previously stated that to compete with the onslaught of mid-range behemoths in India, it would bring flagship features to its mid-range devices. Therefore, we could see the dual-aperture camera on the new Galaxy A smartphone. This way, customers could enjoy the features of a flagship device such as the Galaxy S9+ or the Note9, at an affordable price.

The mid-range smartphone market is booming in India, and is being dominated by companies such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo, and Oppo. The Samsung phones in this range are nowhere in the battle, so this new camera-centric phone could help Samsung gain some followers and improve sale figures.

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Does 4X Imply 4X Optical Zoom?

It is also possible that Samsung is pointing out at a camera feature here. The tagline for the event reads’ 4X the Fun’. Could this simply mean that we can expect 4X Optical Zoom from one of the cameras on the new phone. Yes, we said one of the cameras.

Samsung’s new smartphone will most likely come with a dual-camera setup. The secondary camera could be a telephoto lens, which could offer 4X Optical zoom. Not many smartphones offer that much optical zoom, so this could be a very nice feature.

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4X = 4 Cameras?

Another crazy idea is that Samsung could incorporate a quad-camera setup on this new device, but that is being too hopeful. The leakster Ice Universe had posted in a tweet earlier this month, stating that Samsung could launch a new phone with four cameras at the back.

To wrap things up, Samsung’s new smartphone, which is launching on October 11, will be a mid-range device focused on photography, or it could also be four new devices. Anyway, we are going to have to wait a few weeks to find out what this phone is. Meanwhile, Google is launching the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL in October as well.


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