Samsung Foldable Phone Patent With a Unique Rotating Camera Module Spotted on WIPO

Samsung could put the rotating camera module either on the right side of the top edge, or in the mid of the right edge.


Over the years, we have seen several implementations for the front cameras including pop-up modules, and rotating modules, but so far we have not seen any such implementation on foldable handsets. Samsung seems to be exploring the possibility of putting a rotating camera module on a foldable smartphone. The company had launched the Galaxy A80 smartphone with a rotating camera module back in 2019. Samsung recently filed a new patent that shows how a foldable with rotating camera setup might look, and work. This would be a 180° rotating module, so that the same set of cameras can be used as the front shooter, as well as rear shooters. Let us take a look at the details,

The patent suggests that the foldable will comprise of two housings, and a hinge structure. The rotatable camera module will be attached to the first housing structure and will reside on one of the edges of the foldable. The patent suggests that the rotating camera module could reside either on the right side of the top edge, or in the mid of the right edge.

The patent also reveals that the foldable will be equipped with a motion sensor module that will determine the posture of the device. It will also have a folding angle sensor module that will determine the folding angle of both the housing structures. Both these sensors will help to identify the posture of the device as soon as the camera app is opened, and as a result, the rotating module will adjust its direction. The patent reveals that the processor will be connected to the first display as the motion sensor module, and the folding angle sensor modules will be attached to it.

The foldable already have a lot of sophisticated tech components inside, and the companies advise users to take good care of these devices. With rotating camera modules, the foldable might require more care than ever. What do you think of a Samsung foldable with a rotating camera module? Do let us know in the comments below.