A Samsung Galaxy A21 Caught Fire Inside a Flight Forcing Emergency Evacuation

The Samsung Galaxy A21 was reportedly burnt and damaged beyond recognition, and was only identified after its owner voluntarily stepped up.

Samsung Galaxy A21

A Samsung Galaxy A21 reportedly caught fire in the cargo hold of an Alaska Airlines aircraft, leading to passengers being evacuated on emergency. The incident is said to have taken place earlier this month, when a Samsung Galaxy A21 smartphone onboard Alaska Airlines Flight 751 burst into flames just after the aircraft touched down at its destination, the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Interestingly, reports claim that there was so much fire and smoke that passengers had to undergo emergency evacuation even after having landed at the airport.

The memory that this incident brings back isn’t a particularly pleasant one, especially for Samsung. Back in mid-2016, the company faced what is possibly one of its most embarrassing moments in history, when its flagship Galaxy Note 7 smartphone started bursting into flames around the world. The issue was later deemed to be a battery manufacturing fault, giving Samsung ample, uncontrolled bad press and registering losses amounting to billions of dollars.

In between all the ruckus, airlines had to put up emergency notices asking users to not carry the Galaxy Note 7 onboard aircrafts. If this wasn’t enough, an incident of fire was reported at the Samsung battery factory too, rubbing salt into Samsung’s already gaping wound. Hopefully, this time it won’t be a repeat telecast of what the company went through five years ago. The Galaxy A21 in question is already a year-old smartphone, so if it did have battery manufacturing issues, chances are that we would have stumbled upon plenty of other self-exploding A21s around the world.

As a result, this is likely a one-time incident caused due to some device specific issue. Companies often put the blame on faulty wall sockets, third party charging cables and adapters, and even improper usage habits for devices developing untimely battery issues, so it could have been one of many factors that led to this incident. Samsung hasn’t issued a statement from its end, but reports of the incident have stated that the device was burnt so badly that it couldn’t be recognised by the authorities at first.

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