Samsung Galaxy Flex Note With Fold-Out Display and S Pen Support Could Be in the Works, Patent Reveals

Samsung has filed news design patents for a product called the Galaxy Flex Note, with a wrap-around display and more. Could this be the new Galaxy Note we all have been waiting for?


Samsung recently launched the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, their latest foldable smartphones. And Samsung seems to be in the league of foldable smartphones, apart from the regular S-Series flagships, ditching the Galaxy Note lineup. However, the hardcore Galaxy Note Series fans may be happy today to know that Samsung hasn’t killed it ultimately. Instead, the Galaxy Note Series may see a major design overhaul. That’s what the latest trademark and patent application revealed. So, the reincarnation of Galaxy Note will probably be known as Flex Note.

What is Samsung Galaxy Flex Note?

After Samsung Display registered a trademark for the name Flex Note in July this year, Samsung Display has applied for a new design patent to CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration). The documentation with 30 product images was first accessed by Let’sGoDigital today i.e. September 21, 2021. The documentation shows two Samsung smartphones looking almost the same, except for the camera system.

It is for a Samsung smartphone with a fold-out display and an S Pen. The display on the phone can fold out and wrap around, and that’s why in its compact form, the device would look like a regular smartphone, with its large display folding and wrapping around to the back from the right side. The wrap-around display covers around half of the rear panel.

Samsung Galaxy Flex Note Holds S Pen

Users can unfold this display and turn the phone into a tablet. The phone’s back has a magnetic cavity that houses the S Pen, and it seems like a great idea to implement this magnetic chamber that would hold the S-Pen in its place and won’t all down as the display is unfolded.

Samsung Galaxy Flex Note has a chamber for S Pen
Samsung Galaxy Flex Note has a chamber for S Pen

However, when a user unfolds the display, he can notice a difference in thickness between one half of the rear panel and the other side, which houses the folding wrap-around display. Though while using the Galaxy Flex Note as a phone, the thickness is uniform.

Different Camera Systems

The two models show different camera systems. The first image shows no camera at all, neither on the back nor on display. The second model carries a dual punch-hole camera system. So, in that case, we can assume that Samsung may opt for an in-display camera system on one model while going for a punch-hole camera system on the other.

Samsung Galaxy Flex Note may use two different camera systems
Samsung Galaxy Flex Note may use two different camera systems

The punch-hole camera is present at the top right corner of the flexible screen, so while the device is folded, it will keep the screen on the front free of cameras. This kind of design will also make it possible to use the dual-camera setup for traditional photography or video capturing. In contrast, users can use the dual-camera for selfies and video calls.

Future of Samsung Galaxy Flex Note

Samsung after a first lukewarm response to its folding phone is now slowly getting popular among those who are looking forward to folding phones. Such design patents and trademarks only reveal that Samsung is looking forward to expanding its range of foldable phones, with different kinds of designs and mechanisms. It’s not very clear yet whether Samsung Galaxy Flex Note would ultimately reach the store shelves or not, but for those who admire the Galaxy Note series, this could mean a new beginning.