Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Might Actually Be Released as Galaxy Z Flip


Samsung is expected to launch its next-generation foldable smartphone alongside the Galaxy S20 series handsets in February. While everyone is expecting the upcoming foldable phone to be called the Galaxy Fold 2, a new tweet from Ice Universe suggests otherwise. According to the Twitter account, the next-generation foldable handset from Samsung will be named Galaxy Z Flip.

While there is no concrete proof supporting the claim from Ice Universe, it makes sense for Samsung to call its upcoming foldable smartphone Galaxy Z Flip since it is a flip phone (clamshell) that folds into half in the Z-axis, just like the Moto Razr.

As we had reported, the Galaxy Z Flip will feature the Snapdragon 855 SoC and a 10MP front camera. Leaked images suggest that the device will have a punch-hole display on the inside of the device, a secondary screen on the outer shell, and two cameras at the rear.

The current-generation foldable smartphone from Samsung, the Galaxy Fold, is not only costly, but it also has reliability issues. Hopefully, the Galaxy Z Flip will have none of those problems. If so, it will take foldable smartphones to the mainstream market.